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Hours. Program is. That's rebel life. After the news on the BBC World Service. BBC news with sue Montgomery. The US government is speeding up its efforts to Putin. Merican astronauts back on the moon and will attempt to manned lunar landing within five years. President Donald Trump had previously said to target date of twenty Twenty-eight. Vice President Mike Pence stress the significance of the mission. What we need now is urgency. Make no mistake about it. We're in a space race today. Just as we were in the nineteen sixties, and the stakes are even higher last December, China became the first nation to land on the far side of the Mon and reveal their ambition to seize the lunar strategic high ground become the world's preeminent spacefaring nation. Mike Pence also hinted that the next American on the moon would be a woman the administrator of NASA Jim Breitenstein later tweeted challenge, accepted, a county in one of New York's suburbs is declaring a state of emergency. In response to severe outbreak of measles for the next thirty days anyone under eighteen who is vaccinated will be barred from public spaces in Rockland county, netted Taufik reports from New York. This is the most aggressive step yet. By officials who are desperately trying to end the measles outbreak, which has entered its twenty sixth week, Rockland county has one hundred and fifty three confirmed cases since October the county has already banned unvaccinated children from schools and administered free MMR vaccines. But a significant portion of residents are still not vaccinated, according to officials county executive Ed day said law enforcement wouldn't be asking for health records. But anyone who ignores the new? Rules could face up to six months in jail and a five hundred dollar fine. Aid workers in Yemen seen airstrike near a hospital in the north west of the country killed at least seven people for some children the aid agency save the children which helps fund the hospital said to other adults were unaccounted for a further. Eight people were wounded. A group committed to overthrowing the worst Korean leader Kim Jong UN says it carried out a raid last month North Korea's embassy in Spain. The group made off with computers and data and says it's turned all its evidence. Over to the American FBI. Laura bicker reports the Spanish high court says a group of around ten dissidents intruders made their way into the embassy that staff were boned in gagged, and they were trying to force one of the senior diplomats to defect the grip on its website known as the Tralima several defense grip. They say that they did not attack the embassy they see everyone. There was treated with dignity, but they do admit carrying out the read world news from the BBC. Israel says it's carried out further air strikes against HAMAs targets in the Gaza Strip. These really army said it had stock. Compound used by the militant group in response to Palestinian rocket Sunde, incendiary balloons, launched towards Israel, two days of renewed clashes were triggered by Palestinian rocket that injured seven people deep inside Israel. Counterterrorism officials in Britain say far-right extremists are accessing material published online by the Islamic state group to study its methods of attack a report last year identified far right extremist organizations as the fastest growing domestic threat to national security in the UK since then anti-terror offices have been gathering intelligence to see what the most violent individuals are planning police in Christ Church are investigating whether a man who died after a standoff with the police Danny links to the mosque attacker who gunned down fifty people twelve days ago after a tip-off police searched the man's house and found a cache of firearms. They surrounded him in his vehicle and negotiated. For several hours, but later find him in his car with stab wound a British man wanted and drugs charges in Estonia has been arrested after trying to see the country on a jet ski police say he was trying to make the one hundred fifty kilometer journey across the Torres Strait to Papua New Guinea, how Griffith in Sydney has the story. The Monroe spotted launching the jetski of Cape York Australia's most northerly point. He's thought of being armed with a crossbow and carrying enough fuel and supplies to make the journey through the Torres straits chain of islands. Border force officers were sent to apprehend him and made the arrest on cyber island. Just a couple of miles south of Papua New Guinea is due to be flown to Western Australia where there's a warrant for his.

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