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Goes. Of CFL live. God. To ask clown Houston astronauts night played for the Falcons Tom Peters. It is. So that thing is fucking jump the. Shark. Fortunately as they all do though right like shocking, which is that. People been asking that the put in the folder. Newsflash we haven't played in four months. Yeah. You're talking dead. The NFL season dear baby fucking plane GPA. All right thing fucking stabbed to death by some wailers longtime pollution man show before we get the podfather, we should. Mention. What Zito? What was the whom for? No, actually I did not know when Mike was on there. So always a secret him. Even worse. A real prick immune and unknown my back there. We. As an office. Pat Got Two million subscribers on the MAC show youtube. Big accomplishment you huge huge constant, but that means for you guys now though. Is Pets giving away. One hundred thousand dollars you. To believe Juice D. Thirty, thousand the first nine states dollar twenty. Thousand Second. One thousand dollars to fifty other people. Wow. Correct hold. The way that you enter is you throw a screen shot of you being subscribed to the channel screen shot of your favorite video. Yes. On the Youtube Channel, and then you tweet the Hashtag one of McAfee's millions, and that's any of Mac fees millions million. McAfee million. This guy's definitely not entered.

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