Um Savir, Dow Jones, Hearst discussed on Recode Media with Peter Kafka


Which is not mean that if there's a reset coming that businesses that kind of fit our area of expertise could come into into range for us and i think that'd be great i think that's going to be a natural thing that these companies not just the mashabela acquisition by um by um savir's but you'll see others that'll tuck into larger entities your company is a good example as well as been kind of you know two had a chapter following dow jones and now a different chapter uh as part of a consolidated organiser a solo business for a year and a half meanwhile mosque ramona sahlin business went two months under a solo businesses any business is difficult to you know today i don't care who you are and so i i think that there's going to be opportunities for us in for conning asked him for others uh and i think that'll be a good thing for the business so consolidation allround m time warner two magazine business digital business um if you weren't at working at hearst who who do you think is sort of best positioned to survive 2018 in style at the fox failing style but but actually succeeding i'm sorry term legitimate which media business are you must bullish shop for 2018 mm non hurst well you know like everyone else i'm a big fan of disney in what they do and um and the the great content that day purchased a great talent and the now they're bind greater pipes and certainly of potentially buying more pipes in around the world back to where we started the if is rupert murdoch wants to go to the business you save disease the buyer than disney knows what they're doing i think they are great operators in every way and i i think they do a great job of both serving you know marketers and serving advertisers and so they are they are at the high but i i think there's a lots of interesting opportunities i think that the business will will bifurcated even more it'll either be one at scale as we've been discussing or you're gonna super serve individual passions and so one of the the media executives i admire most is marvin shenken marvin shenken communications has three media brands wine spectator cigar aficionado in whisky advocate and guess what marvin.

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