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News of all son p b c hey abc orange county june bula station kabc news live and local at two o'clock i'm jeff whittle sources say president donald trump has already decided to withdraw the united states from the paris climate agreement white house correspondent jim acosta has more the president just told reporters he will make a decision on the paris deal quote very soon it appears there was something of a tug of war over this climate agreement top of this advisor and daughter of wagner trump was making moves inside the white house in fact to make sure the president was hearing from all sides of the issue but in the end administration officials tell cnn the president is poised to pull the us out of the historic climate accord oh ceo over both tests lund space acts alon musk tweeted today he'll step down from president trump's advisory councils if the president withdraws from the paris climate agreement and must as he's done everything possible to lobby the president to keep the us in the treaty comedienne kathy griffin has been fired by cnn after tweeting out a disturbing photo abc's jim rupe has more of picture is griffin holding up a mockup of the severed head of donald trump a photo that received major backlash immediately from the president you said griffin should be ashamed of herself calling it sick and saying is eleven year old son barron is having quote a hard time with it end quote even chelsea clinton calling it filed in wrong griffin has apologize i went way too far reference lost a product endorsement and cnn has fired her from its new year's eve show white house spokesman sean spicer was asked today by reporters about the meaning of president trump's late night tweet featuring the made up word kofi fee or maybe call faith he the president in a small group of people know exactly what he meant that tweet went viral before being deleted about four hours later the la city council is demanding to know why there was a shortage of los angeles fire department helicopters available to fight to brush fires erupted around the same time sunday one in brentwood the other and selmar due to a maintenance backlog only.

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