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Simulations in real world environments and so it's it's that sort of robustness ours that sort of thinking that actually allows us to build certification procedures at allows us to to actually say this is good enough because like as much as we want and aviation at a certain point we have to draw the line and say like this many accidents are acceptable and i'm we want to reduce that as much as we possibly cannon we feel like if you at an iris automation system on board hike suddenly a drone becomes x times better x time safer on we know that that's going to help and selling to mining companies are oil and gas companies or forestry or even helps amazon get their package delivery drones out actually flying in the us so different companies and different industries assess risk differently there are more higher or lower tolerances of risk now you've got me thinking what if the vision systems trying to detect things not to run into were not just pointing straight ahead but also pointing down like right now you need a special waiver from the fa in the us the flyover people could this technology theoretically be like pointing down and then seeing people underneath it and then you know assessing risk that way and keeping itself at a safe distance to not like if there was an engine failure hit the people or something sure i mean like really what we're doing is building that software that that intelligence that allows us to do that complete situational awareness and wait for pointing up down forward backward left right doesn't really matter and in the current implementation of the system as a camera with a certain feel the view facing forward because most drone companies and most regulators are worried about hitting something had on arc lining was something in so that that this socially going forward limits that time to collision and so that's the direction where you really want to be looking at but i'm indefinitely.

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