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Wants to keep us close. Yeah, that's it. He's talking about during the debate when bumbling Uncle Joe said that Antifa wasn't an organization or group, but it was an idea. You know, Trump being told that he's not held accountable for for white serenity. But yet Uncle Joe gets the pass by saying and equal Just the thought. Thank you for leaving. Your message We're talking about the rest of the media is in the tank for Joe. They're all going to vote for him. They're all pushing for him to see Biden's probably goingto rumors. He's going to open up like a climate change office in the his Cabinet. The secretary of climate, say, stuff he doesn't even care about either. That's what's scary because he's going to be so adult with his dementia that all the all the whack job progressives are going to take over the policy, try to name anything and his long career. You could remember that he was passionate about He's just a float along. Get along. Politicians floats to the top of the bowls. He's great, Davis. If you guys finally it's his turn to run for president. Do you want to do it four years ago, But he bowed out because a woman was running. It wouldn't look good. But you know, now it's just his turn. It's his time. It And it's the best that they came up with a way if you want to leave a message shot our voice line. 1877 moist 86 is the toll free number. I got to get him talking about his show, You know? Yeah. There we go. Yeah, well, last night we have rich little on. He was such a smash such a huge hit tonight. We have soupy sales on how about that? Oh, my God. He's been resurrected. That's that's going to be very quiet interview. Well, he's coming in with tiny Tim. So he's going a little help. We're going Josh banquets on he he's with Dateline NBC. And so he'll be on for it says one segment here in all caps, So I guess he's gotta run. Do something. Michael Burke is a dog psychic, Esso. I gotta figure out how to get in on that game, right? Come in your house and tell you what your dogs thinking. Charges 200 bucks An hour is not great. That is great. Imagine if you could just see the people who were hiring him. You know if people are willing to pay Oh, yeah. On and John, I guarantee you. You live within three houses of somebody who's hired. This guy sure has probably seen his car. Okay, so I have asked him if he does. Lizards. I've got three lizards. They're looking a little depressed. Not moving. Yeah, maybe get a deal of lizards on Rob Newton's calling in from downtown Disney's Disneyland is going to I I don't know. Stay closed. I guess there's a lot of fun. He's a very kind man. Come on Defiance exporting. Well, at least you've decided to listen to K F C. You're making.

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