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Weather around RDA didn't change once in a while nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation. How about that storm last night? The latest forecast at the top and bottom of the hour on NewsRadio eleven forty W. R V A. From Compass media networks this America's First News this morning with your host Gordon Deal deadly wildfires explode. Good morning. I'm Gordon Deal along with Jennifer Kushinka is Monday, November twelfth glad you're with us. Here's what we have for you this hour at least thirty one people have been killed since wildfires broke out late last week in two regions of California. We'll have an update recounts in the governor and Senate races are underway in Florida in Georgia lawsuits have been filed following the midterm elections last week evidence that President Trump can win reelection and hurdles that may derail him and the store considered Amazon proof sort of lake reincarnated five and dime where you can find everything from cotton pad to toys to candy to blue tooth earbud. It's mainly for teens and preteens, but they also have lots of stuff for Wall Street Journal report. Suzanne Kappler on the success of retailer five below that story in about twenty minutes. Wildfire. That's expected to become the deadliest.

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