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Hi. Join enjoy your show up and listening to all my opera couple months. Thank you. Appreciate that. Because I can't stand the castrated PC. Ninth graders commentary in Canada. But can I just I lived all I think sound your daughter. I lived all over Mexico central America, South America. Thompkin? Speak a language. No. I just wanted to say first of all from a fellow native, Gary and Senator tattoos. Senator tickers, I admire his class. You know, he's a classy guy. I don't know. Senator kacoos is. Senator Ted Cruz. I'm sorry Kerr. Did you know what he said? I did not dead. Yeah. I got Daniel carries much better at at the Canadian dialect. And I am what what else talked me. But yeah, he's he's a native Calgary and admirers class. No. You put away all the political kind of animosity. And he's doing what's right for the country. Not like some of the senators just trying to bring down your president any costs. And it's kinda disgusting. You know, it is. And you got unfortunately got Mitt Romney coming in there. Who's going to be nothing but an enemy, but then you're going to ask you if you're really engaged in our politics in this country. I mean Trudeau is a real piece of work. Why don't you work on getting rid of him? Canada's Canada's basically Oscar, you know, what I mean, it's this is this is communist conducts down up here like Patty kinda used to say, so. Yeah. No. Like, I said, you know, it's everybody here. So castrated was politically politically correct fair. You know, just. Pretty pathetic. But. I've only got about twenty seconds. What do you think? Latinos and Democrats are is the tide turning. We'll be no they're being manipulated. You know, what I mean like that issue with other tensions at the border? The Democrats and progressives used them knows political fodder than just move onto the next thing. They know they're being manipulated. You know what I mean? They're not stupid and hopefully, they'll stay awake. I gotta I gotta run your here. I love his accent a thought that was awesome quick break back onto this. This is show. This is Andy with hill country classics custom homes and Barney we often hear there's just something about the style your homes and.

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