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All right. Cheryl Atkinson is with us and Cheryl, This is going to be called a conspiracy theory. I'm sure you're aware of the transition group that the the left has put together that is they're plotting. Different scenarios on really how to throw the country into chaos on how to negotiate a win for Joe Biden by In their own words encouraging Washington, Oregon in California to secede. Well, I don't think that's gonna happen, and I think some people would welcome that if it did, by the way, But I do think well, you know, landed. Davis got on Twitter the other day and said, this is former The current. I guess Hillary Clinton confident friend and said something like New York, California We ought tojust. We're going to leave. And a lot of people tweeted back like, please be my guest. How soon can you go? But I agree that That you know, I heard it again in 2016 something that some of my contacts on the right were saying Wass. That the left accuses us. They mean the right of doing everything that they did, and I just thought I kind of chuckled like Oh, that's kind of a funny saying, but I didn't really think of it is literally true. Until now, you look at Refusal to accept the outcome of the election, which they're, you know, accused Trump of doing in 2016 and now again, 2020. And then I get chills when I think about Ukraine, accusing Trump of interfering with Ukraine when They knew some months before that. This is probably going to come up yet because what Biden and his family had been involved in, which was exactly what they accuse Trump of doing only there. Their deeds were documented and acknowledged versus the sort of accusations that generic accusations that turned out not to be true against Trump, although he was impeached for it. And, Yeah, I just go back to this. The friend who said that And I'm like you can't. You're kind of right. You're proving right. So when they say something A lot of times it makes me now think, OK, what have they done that they may be trying to deflect from or what are we going to learn? You know that they did Dio when I was uncovering the Tides Foundation back in 2008 and George Soros. That's what I told my team. They will self diagnose whatever they accuse us off their doing. Because you recognized disease and people because of you. You know what I mean? You're like, Ah, They're probably doing this because that's the way you behave and they can't help themselves. They always self diagnose this. What's happening? But is actually happening on their side. Usually the The New York Times to see if I can find this came out. Ah, today or is this was yesterday. About disinformation in the 2020 presidential election, and they say election misinformation the the biggest category of election misinformation. Is the mail in ballots that there's going to be a problem with the mail in ballots. And the other one is George Soros, the investor and Democratic donor. There's so much misinformation about him. We continue to get flagged all the time when I When I say things like George Soros is investing in district attorneys, and he is trying to change things by changing the system from within at the local and the state level. That's all proven. How is that a conspiracy theory? I agreed. Because if you don't dig in the way you have it sounds crazy. It sounds far fetched. And I thought so, too. You know, at one time before I looked at some of the details, and most people don't have time to look into it, And they can't believe That stuff. You know, the stuff can be connected or how it's connected. I mean the mail and bet ballots, and I wrote about this at length and planted How can the media fact check in advance the future? You had people fact checking as fall Donald Trump's prediction that there would be fraud with the mail in ballots. How do you? How do you false fact Check something that hasn't occurred yet. But you have no idea what what's gonna happen, And then you you follow the money. Um and you find out that you know the fact check, Let's say in the case of Google doing a fact check or, you know, taking down information and their own by Alphabet, which is one of the biggest contributors to Joe Biden's campaign. When you look at, you know employees by company and they were the biggest contributor to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I believe in or one of the biggest in 2016. And then you start looking at all the fact checks and this against sounds conspiratorial till I looked into it for an article I wrote for real clear investigations. So many fact checkers and particularly the board as supposedly independent board of Facebook connections. So Saurus group, so Yeah, I started getting chills when I looked just like off. Maybe a couple of these people will have links to sorrows. One work directly for the source organization. And I think all but one or two out of You know, more than a dozen Had worked with these groups he founded and funded their paid forgot money. It's just Just so much money out there. The odds are that if you're looking at any kind of advocacy on the progressive side, it's been touched by money from a Saurus group. And what is what? What is your opinion on source? Why does he do that? People say to me all the time. He's a capitalist is a rich guy. Why would he want to destroy capitalism? The free market system? Why would he want to do these things?.

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