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We're going to get three hundred thirty seven million per, you gotta go to three hundred seventy million and to the point John Milton hasn't fallen for you could probably Jodi with your dad being with the with a scare you could probably have inside a little bit more of an idea. What goes on not to the extent of when your dad was a scout were tell you tell your story. And then I gotta get to a break. My father was the general manager of the Mets the cardinals and the Detroit Tigers. He was the tiger GM for one year. He was their president and the general manager quit right before the season was about to start right before he just walked away. He was getting ready. We're in spring training. And he said, you know, I don't feel like doing this anymore. He walked into the the owners office and said, listen, thanks, but no, thanks. I'd want to be the. Anymore any walked out? So they didn't have time to go through the general manager process. And because they had no idea. This guy was gonna walk way. Bill joy, it was a general manager at the time. So my father was the president of the organization in Asia. Joe you've done this before you want a championship with the cardinals just five years ago six years ago. I don't even remember the year that was but he had recently won the World Series with the cardinals in one thousand nine hundred two and they said we want you to become the general manager. And my father said, no I'll pass, and I said what he goes. No, I'm done making these million dollar decisions. I like my job as is. I'd really prefer not to Joey desperately need you to do. This say said, I I'll tell you what. Because I'm a good company, man. And I appreciate it. When you hired me to become the president. I'll do it for one year. If that's all you'll ask me to do. And you'll let me be in vowed in the process of picking the next general manager, I'll do it for you for one year, and they said, okay, fine. So he became the general manager the Tigers. And he news going to be for just one year. Well that off season he was negotiating with a player and this player eventually got inducted into the hall of fame. He was in the very latter stages of his career the first number of his age at that point was a four, but he still had game. And my father wanted him, and they were negotiating back and forth. And my father finally came in and said, listen, I'll give you what you're asking for. I'll I'll I'll give you what you're asking for. But you have to accept it from me on the phone right now. He's talking to the aged. And my agent told them listen. I can't say I'll take it. I'll say I'll call you back in less than an hour. But I don't have the purview to accept the offer. I gotta take it to my client. I gonna take it to the player. So my father doesn't know the player because he's an outside the organization guy. So he can't even attempt to contact them himself. He said, all right. You got an hour. Guy called back and said, Joe, thank you. You know, we're gonna pass on your offer. And my father said, wait a minute. I gave you what you ask for. This was the number. You asked for I gave it to you. And now, you're saying, no, thank you. He said, yeah. Unfortunately, that's what I gotta tell you the next day another team announced the signing of this player for exactly the amount. My father had offered him. So my father knew he was being used. He was in the conversation for one reason and one reason only to get the player the number that he wanted. So they could go to a specific team. He had a team that he wanted to go to and they were a little slow and a little off. They're offering any agent did a good job of bluffing. The other team and saying, hey, we have this number from the Tigers. We're going to go there. If you don't match the number, and they eventually did it's one of the most annoying things my father ever dealt with when he was a general manager. He hates he hated being used and he was used and I think. Middleton right now is sitting on potentially being used by Bryce Harper. And he's not happy about it. I guess that's the that's the other side of that business is a great story. And it's always good talking. Appreciate the call see. Now. The diehard fans out there will try and figure out mid to late eighty s hall of fame player in his forties who could assigned a one year contract with the Tigers who signed a one year contract with another team. You can probably figure it out. There's enough meat on that bone the improbably figure out who I'm talking about eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four. I got my -combobulate. I'll get you up. If you hit me up to eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four. Ninety four Everyday's.

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