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Than just another hybrid the Toyota corolla hybrid sleek wonder drug and greater than ever twenty twenty fifty two Citi fifty two Hartwig fifty two Campari BG estimates actual mileage will their digital news network thousands of people are trying to save the Atlanta building where the first hit country music songs believed to have been recorded let's fill in John Carson who likely cut little log cabin in the lane in the downtown building in nineteen twenty three the Atlanta journal constitution reports last month the myrtle beach based developer plans to build a twenty one story Margaritaville themed hotel and obtained a permit to tear the building down the lot where it currently stands would be used for dumpsters and grease traps next to the hotel's first floor restaurant so far more than eight thousand people have signed an online petition to preserve the building Atlanta resident and architect Kyle Kessler started the petition he says he may stand between the building and the demolition crew if it stops the building's destruction convicted of knowingly spreading HIV a Florida man's been sentenced to ten years in prison the Pensacola news journal reports the twenty seven year old machine I keep bada furred was previously convicted of having sex with two people without notifying them that he had HIV the virus that leads to aids one woman told Escambia county deputies in twenty seventeen she tested positive for HIV and last sexual partner had been bought a for bottom for later told investigators he had known he was HIV positive since September twenty sixteen he'll play akel man again after last year's big block buster Jason Momoa leaf today's birthday roundup he says he does have some work ahead of him so we can bulk up again for the role I enjoy doing things I love to do like surfing or or rock climbing you know that kind of stuff I don't I don't like going into a gem no more talking with the Daily Mail I command to comes out in twenty twenty two and he's forty today tempus Bledsoe was seen every week on The Cosby Show in the eighties and nineties she recently starred in an episode of the Netflix series family reunion alongside another ninety starring Julia white from family matters is all about being in tune with your partner tempus Bledsoe's forty six director of the last two James Bond movie Sam mendeecees also did American beauty road to perdition and jar heads now working on the World War one epic nineteen seventeen he tells BAFTA he likes to stretch when it comes to making movies every movie's been different from the last one a different from anything else I've done I think it'll it'll take me a long time before I run out of new genres a new things to push it he's fifty four and that's our birthday round up for August first I'm Bob Kessler the Democrats debate I'm to McGuire with an A. P. news been attend more Democrats running for president on stage tonight in Detroit the C. N. N. gathering includes former vice president Joe Biden California senator Kamel Harrison New Jersey's Cory Booker eight people ical writer hunter would all reports a number of others taking part will are fighting to remain on stage for the September debate whether the likes her Christian Jo brand or sorry Michael Bennett or mayor bill de Blasio this is really the last big opportunity if they really you know want to meet those higher thresholds to do that so it's a lot of added pressure Nielsen company says just under eight point seven million people watched opening night of the second democratic presidential debate a sharp drop from the first pair of debates last month on NBC AP count finds nearly half house Democrats now support an impeachment inquire if president trump has still probably not enough to push house speaker Nancy Pelosi Indo king the action since she needs to hunt eighteen votes to pass that kind of legislation I'm typical eight P. digital news back in a moment at farmers insurance we know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and.

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