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Of cases in LA county to twelve hundred and sixteen these cases include forty one cases reported by our partners in the city of Long Beach and nine cases reported by the city of Pasadena Ferrer says as of yesterday more than nine thousand people have been tested she says the numbers of cases will continue to jump as more testing comes online Steve Gregory KFI news health officials in riverside county are urging people to follow physical distancing and other guidelines to keep the corona virus from spreading riverside county has one hundred seven coronavirus cases and eight deaths Dr Geoff Lee young this is modeling shows the doubling rate for the virus is likely four to five days if the doubling rate continues at its current pace then then we do believe we will be out of hospital beds and intensive care unit beds somewhere between April twelfth and April twenty first he also says that the doubling rate continues they could be out of that a later soon after that and there could be fifty thousand cases in the county by the beginning of may a doctor in garden Grove has been offering a ten minute rapid test to detect the corona virus the test popular in South Korea looks for anybody's built up in the body to fight off the virus make a little **** on the finger at the tip of anything and we put that drop of blood in the cartridge Dr Michael dell says he's offered the results free for people who still have to work police officer holster worker Amazon delivery gas stations or supermarkets now says he's already out of task but thousands more expected any day the FDA says it's allowing the test provided patients are told it's not FDA approved and that a negative result does not necessarily mean a person is covert nineteen free in Orange County court in Carson Calif I need the number of containers being shipped through the port of LA has dropped during the corona virus pandemic port executive director Jeanette Soroka says shippers are only pushing through about eighty percent of the normal cargo volume and with all of us either working or sheltered at home we're not buying as much as we normally do and therefore we believe if the retail community will be very conservative in their ordering and traffic will continue to be light by our standards he says accommodations have been made for the U. S. naval hospital ship mercy which is expected to dock tomorrow Soroka says the presence of the ship should not impact dock operations unemployment claims have surged in California employment development department spokeswoman Laurie levy says the number of new claims is historic last week the week ending the twenty first CD process around a hundred and eighty seven thousand the unemployment insurance claims that the up three hundred and sixty three percent from the same week a year ago she says her agency is staffed UP and Assam recent retirees to come back to work to help process the applications she says the average claim is paid out within three weeks the United States labor department has recorded the highest ever number of weekly unemployment applications Erin to Turkey says nearly three point three million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week it's as if everyone in the entire city of Chicago suddenly lost their job and these three point three million are people who were successful at filing claims systems in a number of states have crashed and there may be many more Americans who have wanted to file but couldn't the previous weekly record for U. S. unemployment claims was set in nineteen eighty two last week's total is more than four times larger than that just before the pandemic the U. S. unemployment rate was at a fifty year low of three point five percent for up to the minute information on the corona virus you can check out our website KFI am six forty dot com the key word is virus.

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