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The auctioneer there leroy Van **** so you thought you were this next song on a job like all of it I like to call it a run around yeah I'm sorry I just I just inadvertently dissed eva's pace hauling around prospect there's the all no I'm not I I was in the great city of Vancouver and I was on a run on a cold December morning in Stanley Park anybody ever then to Stanley Park beautiful just absolutely gorgeous city park and literally on the run it was a long run and I wrote his entire song in my head which I never do it and it's it's very weird when that happens we just sort of write a song in your head and then I remember walking to get a coffee and sort of singing and I was like I think I think it sounds just these these couple verses and that's it and in a play with the band right now because in the park lining up for yet another difficult time the Donovan.

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