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Rockets took out a TV tower in rivne far west of the capital killing 9 The missile strike in Kyiv left an apartment building in flames and rescuers scrambling to save survivors Keeps mayor vitali Klitschko People was so angry It's no panic instead of panic They want to fight they want to defend the city China may reportedly help Russia now with military and economic support White House press secretary Jen Psaki Should they provide military or other assistance That of course violates sanctions or supports the war effort There will be significant consequences Congress will hear from Ukrainian president Vladimir zelensky tomorrow in a virtual address CBS News special report I'm Monica ricks the Russian invasion has not gone the way Vladimir Putin expected or was led to believe it would play out now come questions about the Russian president's state of mind One expert tells WTO national security correspondent JJ green Putin's paranoia is catching up with him He is being paranoid for many many years Andres volda for Russian security services expert says the pressure of this war is starting to get to Vladimir Putin I think he is getting even more paranoid these days And the number of people he trust is shrinking dramatically 5 years ago it was about maybe 2000s of people Now it's probably about three four people He says the prospect of regime change inside Russia is not impossible but it would be significantly difficult right now Primarily because there's no political opposition to support any of Putin's generals or intelligence leaders that might turn against him JJ green News In other news Andrew Wheeler became the first appointee to a Virginia governor's cabinet to be rejected since 2006 the former head of the EPA under former president Trump will now take on a different role in the young king administration WTO's Mike morillo reports Andrew Wheeler will now serve as a senior adviser this comes after the Democrats in the state Senate stood together to reject Wheeler's appointment to youngkin's cabinet as secretary of natural and historic resources He was turned down by the Senate in February after critics claimed he favored corporations during his time at the EPA Travis Boyle's previously deputy secretary will serve as acting secretary with Wheeler taking on an advisory role This has happened before in 2006 when then democratic governor Tim kaine turned an appointee that was rejected into a senior adviser Mike Morello WTO P news Sarah bloom Raskin's nomination to the Federal Reserve board has taken another hit several outlets report West Virginia democratic senator Joe Manchin opposes her bid Raskin has been critical of the fossil fuel industry and has said regulators should try to limit the flow of capital to that sector Manchin who is a member of the Senate committee that's considering her nomination receives major funding from the energy industry Manchin's opposition means that even one Republican even if one Republican votes against Raskin her nomination will fail Raskin is the wife of Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin 1136 We're out of the brand name but we do have the generic version of serene pharmacy can't keep up with.

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