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No thank you you and i both wouldn't do too well. The atmospheric pressure is maybe like going down three thousand feet in the ocean more and the surface temperature average weather forecast would say like this. On venus the high temperature today would be about eight hundred or nine hundred degrees fahrenheit. No thank you. So that's ron john. That life somehow theoretically could exist in cloud tops but nowhere near the surface of venus because of the most horrific temperatures that you would find but only twenty five million miles away because venus gets closer to the earth in any major planet even close with them ours. We sure need some further investigation. Don't you think absolutely and Besides venus mars we're else do you think that Are nasa is next. I think exploration of life john. It's already been deduced by nasa scientists. That there's a special mission about the satellite and one of the many major moons one of the galileo satellites of jupiter cold europa and a few years ago. I had the opportunity to interview one of the congressmen who was very influential and helping to get at europa mission to search for life. But there's another place. In my opinion this is just strictly my if you look at all the planetary objects out there. The largest satellite in the solar system that has an actual atmosphere is saturn's titan and as we see gas prices rising this country and probably around the world they detected on the surface of this particular satellite titan large oceans and john. This is not a joke. There oceans that theoretically have what the constituent is called octavian. And everybody who drives a car knows about better octane. Right more performance supposedly. Maybe there's an that exploration should be but on another note. I just wanted to highlight very briefly. If we have a moment the earth was just pass back this friday. By one of the most prolific asteroids that has maybe one of the higher potentials obstructing the earth. It's an ester recalled office and it's actually named after the ukrainian war god and it passed us on the fifth of march at around eight fifteen. Pm eastern standard time by a lot eleven million miles. But that's not going to be the case john. it's about twelve hundred feet in diameter. that's larger than a giant nuclear powered aircraft carrier. It's gonna come back to us again. We know this on april thirteenth. Twenty twenty nine at the incredibly close distance of some nineteen thousand miles so go back and put our thinking caps on and we say wait. A minute aren't those geosynchronous satellites that we all depend on to watch our favorite tv shows and do banking and business about twenty two thousand miles away. Yes john actually coming within that area and this asteroid not to learn people that had a higher potential of supposedly crashing into the earth which would be catastrophic. We have to pay attention to the close passages of twenty thirty six and twenty sixty eight but on a bright note. It's not gonna hit us at all. That's the positive news of course We have a minute left. Anything else you wanna tell would. Americans and Literally job again. Thank you for having me. Just a quick synopsis. Don't forget the last quarter moon. John is over six. It'll be high in the southern sky at sunrise rises around midnight..

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