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And yet this is a fresh understanding of what happened in the civil war because it is not about lincoln and his rise to authority and his martyrdom it is about the men who fought the war at the general and colonel level the west point classes of safe thirty nine to forty three and they're inferiors and ulysses grant is one of them but at the same time he's a common man he's now born with advantages although his father was welltodo his education is west point and order to begin their ron congratulations this is a treat for me and i hope i can go fast enough and indepth enough to remind everyone that this book requires very careful study but i begin ulysses grant hiram ulysses grant is on his way to west point it is eighteen thirty nine e reaches new york any meets a young man who is also going to west point name fred gent this is this is destiny for islamic affected john for the unusually warm ungracious introduction so grant is on his way to west point he actually didn't want to go to west point his can flint of a father so at west point is a free form of vocational legs education so grant is going some but unwillingly he in new york meets a young man from a slavonia family in st louis name frederick that they decide to travel up the hudson river together to west point in this is gonna be very very consequential in grants live across its through fred dan that grant mary's fred's sister and hence mary's into a slaveowning family of no small consequence for his career importantly because graduates from the part of the country born in ohio and and the northwest territories that is decidedly not split about slavery and in fact his father the influence of his father in his father's families his abolitionists them apps absolutely the grants are staunch abolitionists i discovered that even the doctor who delivered ulysses s grant was a stern abolitionist so grand corrupt surrounded by that and then later on when grant mary's into a slaveowning family the grants who so horrified at what ulises is doing that they all boycott by the wedding not a single grant was at the wedding so grant and.

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