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Said the defensive starters are going to play between twelve and fifteen snaps and the offensive. Starters will play more than that. So i do expect about a quarter and a half just depending on. How teddy does you know he goes down. And goes and leads to touchdown drives in the first quarter. Then maybe he drew come in a little earlier but you have to get a good sample size. Brett rippin can have the third preseason game. He does not need to see the field this game so if they go i like between a quarter and a half and the full half for each of these guys. So what what does it have to look like for drew. I mean is there is there stat line. You're looking at is it. just don't throw interceptions. I mean what what do you what do you see. I mean because like you said it kind of feels like it's his job to lose right now. Yeah i think the biggest thing is don't throw interceptions and don't take too many sack now. I don't wanna say go go without a sack but But he really needs to limit those not hold the ball onto long. So here's a stat. Line that i thought of radi that that would be acceptable for him to win the job. Eight of twelve so sixty six percent completion. A hundred yards doesn't have to blow the world apart. He doesn't have to be taken deep shock left and right. Just be efficient. can even be eighty yards One touchdown no pics. Then that shows that he got in the end zone on his own he led a touchdown drive no mistakes no sacks and efficient. He doesn't have to go out and be five for seven for two touchdowns and one hundred fifty one yards. He does not have to do that he just needs to be and you wanna see that. Completion percentage well above sixty percent. You wanna see the yards. You really don't need to see the yard since he shoot showed it last week. Just no interceptions while i mean when you think about this journey that we've been on in this whole process. I mean going back to really after the season you know. Once we hit the off-season button it felt like drew's time was was numbered or his days were numbered that it wouldn't be long that they were gonna. Maybe they were gonna go after the shawn watson. maybe aaron rodgers was a possibility. The draft came and win to no quarterbacks were selected matt stafford. I mean name after name after name. Drew lock survived that. And here we are. He's he's a what a quarter away of decent football good football from surviving all of it. Yeah it really is incredible and he just put his head down and just made it through this off season and worked really hard and it. That hard work has paid off. I mean we've seen much better decision maker. We've seen a guy who's footwork is improved. We've seen him improve nearly every every category that you want now. The one that's left. I just keep saying consistency brady. Can he be consistent. Because if he's consistent and he's anywhere close to the quarterback we saw last week brady..

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