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Now there are rumors that the generous may leave the show. Here to talk about the drama surrounding the Ellen Degenerate Show is Christy Jandali. She's an entertainment reporter for Buzzfeed. Hi, Christie. Thanks so much for having me and just a warning to our listeners were going to briefly talk about allegations of sexual harassment and assault in this show. So Christy. What are the central allegations here and who's making them? I've spoken to you at this point more than 50 former and current employees on the Allen too generous show in our first reports. Former employees said that the working environment was toxic making allegations of racism, saying they were fired after taking medical leave after a suicide attempt. There's a range of, you know allegations from former employees in terms of what they're calling toxicity. And then, in our most recent report, I spoke to dozens of employees who described what they called a culture of sexual harassment and misconduct, starting with executive producer Ed Glavin and permeating throughout the rest of the culture, with allegations of Glavin being hands thean touching women inappropriately in the control room while the show was filming. Some other allegations from former employees, accusing head writer and executive producer Kevin Lehman of grabbing them in inappropriate places in the office and at office parties. In addition, Tio making sexually explicit comments in the office, so there's a range of what former employees air calling sexual harassment and misconduct allegations. Okay, so there's a lot going on here within this show a total and I guess I'm trying to figure out I mean, how many of these accusations actually center on too generous herself versus the people who she employed. The allegations I've heard from former employees are not against the generous they are saying that they come from executive producers, and there's a trickle down effect. So it also impacts the way senior level producers and anyone who manages anyone at the company. Behaves, although while none of the allegations are specifically against generous, I have heard from a number of people who are longtime former employees who have been in rooms with the generous and spend time with the talk show host who say that they find it very, very hard to believe she does not know about the behavior that goes on. Her show, right? We'll talk about that more in just a moment. But you mentioned Kevin Lehman unexamined motive producer. It sounds like there were some pretty egregious charges leveled at him. Can you go into that a little bit more? So for employees. One specific former employees said that she saw Lehman grope and kiss that making unwanted advance on a production assistant in a car. One former employee said that Lehman propositioned him when he was entering a bathroom at an office party saying, you know, asking him to perform oral sex in the bathroom and dozens of former employees who said that Lehman has made sexually explicit comments a few former employees who said that Lehman has Pinched their butts air spanked them in the office. One former employees that they saw Lehman grab a production assistant Penis at an office party. So there's a range there as well. Yeah, I mean, worth mentioning here that since the story was released, Mr Leeman denied misconduct, saying, quote. I'm horrified that some of my attempts At humor may have caused offense. No doubt that's going to get questioned. As we move forward kind of threw these proceedings here and you mentioned to kind of some acts of racism is well. What were those experiences like one former employees told me that she experienced what she called my grow aggressions and racism regularly at the show. She said that a head writer came up to her at an office party and said, Oh, I don't know your name. I only know the name of the white people who work here. She said that her manager pointed to her and another black woman who had the same hairstyle and said, Oh, you both have Sprays. I hope we don't confuse you two and a number of comments, she said. On a regular basis. She also said that she asked for employees to have diversity and inclusion training. And she asked for a raise. After working on the show for one year after she learns that another employee who had the same exact position is her and less experience was making double her salary. And she also said that when she started to speak up about issues of diversity, representation and comments like this, her her colleagues at the time called her the PC police. She said that when she brought all of these issues, Tio HR. That is then brought into executive producer at Gavin's office and reprimanded by Glavin and her manager at the time. And she said that after that meeting, she walked off the show and never returned. So I think kind of one of the overarching questions that here is. How much do you think Ellen knew about all of this? And I mean, I I wonder, because a someone currently not always but right now hosting, you know, a daily talk show hosts. Really Khun get shielded from things. There's so much work that goes on in the background. I mean, they can kind of live in their own silos. I'm just wondering, you mean A from your reporting is the sense you get that Ellen really was aware of all of these infractions that you talked about, So there are a few things at play here. I've heard from a number of employees that say Executive producers shielded on DH insulated Ellen from the full spectrum of what went on behind the scenes of the show, which they saw as a huge problem. Another thing that many former employees are telling me is that Alan doesn't spend much time at the show. She comes in rehearsals. She gets hair and makeup done, she tapes and she leaves. Well, it seems like there was potentially plenty of that toxicity regarding her staff. Now let's talk a little bit more about her and some of her actions. Celebrities. I've kind of been coming after Ellen, too. I mean, actors Brad Gara and Leah Thompson of both commented about Ellen Brad Garrett tweeted that her behavior is quote common knowledge and accused Ellen of treating her guests. Horribly. It seems like for months that we have kind of been hearing about this coldness about her with other guests, So I mean At heart of it. What do you think is really going on them? Quite honestly, There have been lots of tabloid stories and rumors about Ellen has Bean you know for years and that's not what this story is about. I think what former employees are trying to get across is You know their workplace environment and shifting that, although you know talent did want to speak about their experiences on this show. That would definitely definitely be interesting. Write the reports that Ellen wants out. Maybe we're not so sure about that, as of now. The rumors that Ellen is leaving are completely unsubstantiated. We really don't know anything. The last thing we heard was from executive producer Andy Lassiter, who sent an email to staffers on Friday late Friday after her apology on Thursday, and he was saying that Everything is scheduled to go according to plan and you know, production is moving ahead and so is taping on DH. Then today, Porsche Alan's wife, Posted a photo on instagram. It's like an image photo that says, I stand with Ellen's supporting Ellen Scooter Braun, who is Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's manager tweeted in support of L A. And I forgot it was over the weekend. At some point. I think that we're seeing criticism, although we're also seeing You know, we're seeing people try and fight against that in her on her behalf, So I don't mean we We don't know that Alan is leaving and I don't I don't really know that we can Speculate on that. If anything, it kind of seems like she's not really going anywhere. Well over the weekend. I mean, just to kind of follow through with this here, The Sun News quoted inside sources and reported that James Cordon of the late late show has been on the list of people to replace Alan even before the scandal has there been any movement, replace Ellen that, you know of our assists still way too early to know, know? For a couple of years..

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