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It. Is Party to mom. Welcome to another episode. The Chad Braid. Their show here in the mothership studio twenty two piloted by the One and only puppet master. Mark Tate who is driving us into the nether regions. We are deep into the corona virus. Right now candy. The Ethiopians keeping US abreast of all things corona all things cove nineteen all things. Woo flew all things Chinese virus. I don't know party fell Steve. If you understand this but this disease is racist it is completely racist. Because how dare you ever talk about the origin of the disease? I'm offended you should be offended. Hot News Natalie. Everyone in this room as we social distance ourselves from one. Another should be offended. I may be offended for all of you. Watching those view chatting sitting there watching on your little youtube social distancing away sitting in your office not interacting with people get out my friends. Play Board Game Breathe. Fresh air drink a beer but not in a Bar. Because they've all been closed out there all shutdown. Don't go to Florida. Do not do that because there's no restaurants there's no bars clearwater. Beach is packed with people but clearwater beach nasty. So here we are after yesterday. Twenty four hours later. We're still here. We've been quarantined to this room of studio twenty. Two in the odds of US ever leaving are slim. Candy will not let us leave. It's almost like mystery science theater three thousand. We're stuck. It's most definitely an interesting time to be alive. No one has ever seen anything like this in the history of of our lives most fast food restaurants shutdown yesterday amid growing fears of the virus. I myself upon hearing the news when immediately Burger King and got a whopper junior. The city of Dallas is closed all restaurants and bars for the next seven days and more and more people are calling for our governor. Greg Abbott to make this effective statewide. Don't know our relationship with China is heating up. The president referred to the corona virus as the Chinese virus in a tweet late last night. San Francisco is on lockdown with residents required to stay inside their homes unless a medical emergency. Nope telling what's going to happen to their population of homeless wiping their asses in the street. Now Nancy Pelosi our favorite. Nancy has called for politicians to practice social distancing from her and other house members which ironically have been practicing since the day they were born. So I love you Nancy. But we're GONNA AIR HUG it. Have OUT THAT FOLKS. I'm excited about today's program. We're going to bring you the news you could use and give you a few laughs along the way so hang tight because the chat writer Joe Hair on a Tuesday night. Hey thin is in. They say what's good about a thin steak or thin wallet or thinning hair? The answer to these rhetorical questions is absolutely nothing. So why then is every brand of men's body wash so weak.

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