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Where they had the 22 gold leads. I said, Well, you know what you do to fall asleep after that one, he said he started laughing, said he read a book. War Book from World War two about Finland and Russia s a little light reading after the 6 Ft. Plus s O. He mentioned finish rock stars. Can you name any, You know, Rock stars? None Come to mind and I'm still I still you know, I haven't forgiven Finland for Alpo Suhonen. Is that a cover? Understood you. You've got scars. I know that Mike was probably Mike Smith. Smartest guy in the room because she brought herself will soon But if you're gonna you know we're going to claim Finland and credited him for them for Kevin Lincoln. And you gotta take Alpo Suhonen, too. Please. No question about it s O. I mean, it's just He's a different guy, but he's really, really confident. Really confidence. I ended this podcast again. If you want to check it out Black cock Sock podcast wherever you download your favorite podcast. And I asked him This is how I ended a guy that that's in the books. This is the question If there's a book written about Kevin, lengthening What's the title? I think the thought it will be. Star is born. Swallow. The star is born. That's confidence, Brian that that's Yeah, that's unbelievable. God, Blessem 30. There's that. Hey, look. Ben Pope wrote this in the sometimes so the day not Vezina candidate Kevin Rankin in but Calder candidates seven like not called her, but Vesna called her. No, no, no called her. Because because he's saying that the Calder the rookie classes and all that this year and the last time a goalie one was 2009 Okay and Lincoln and is putting together a season to this point, and we're in a quarter of the way through so far. Um, hey, point out the hockey reference point shares. He's a top of the goaltender's statistics for that, with 2.8 individuals contribution to the team in terms of points earned and how much he is valued, watching instant. So not best, not necessarily because they're obviously other goalies who are gonna have as good a save percentage and all that goes into that. But at 25 maybe should have a newcomer award because he's not a 20 year old. Goalies. 25 year old goalie, but Interesting Take on that from from Ben Pope. That lot. The rookie class as a really materialized, So why not a goal again? Well, he may have to beat out one of his teammates because you? Nope. You suitor leads all rookies with five goals. So you know, but that that that's a good problem to have when you've got about that. Yeah, exactly so well. Get into war conversation with Steve Conroy coming up on the other side. He'll be on the call with Pat fully tonight on NBC Sports Chicago But first we have a Chicago wolves Give away.

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