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Me off the mailing list you can know about the I'm telling you the invitation to all the former athletes to come to a former players come to practice either yeah I don't know much Sir from the somebody. that's right all right out to the crowd we go with our questions and mentioning those loyal people that come each and every week yo welcome back how are you doing I'm doing great very good what's on your mind label is already stole my thunder about three times sorry there is that why you were asked me to be any somehow yeah are you still there so Joe it's all about adjustments mantle not making. that's right exactly doesn't do any good Italian because you just did it anyway you don't listen okay all right. anyway a few weeks ago two or three weeks ago bill made a prediction that that we were going to have a defense of score and he was right and he was right. is he ready. a. kickoff or punt return for a touchdown how those are kick returner is look compared to their kick defenders eight spent like a decade actually since Ohio state had a kick or punch through you know it makes it tough anymore yeah. yeah they change the rules so much you know because you have so many guys catching now when because the kicking strategies change before what you wanted to do you want to kick the ball like all that magic rectangle which is clear from the bottom number ten yard line to the back of the end zone the rectangle you want to hit you want to get good hang time Sir coverage team could covered in and squeeze the ball thank you for the twenty yard line will now the stray geese change were kickers are now trying to get more height on the ball and make a fair catch and so they get the ball to twenty five yard line stuff like as to the rules is really a factory in in regression upon putting you become such a and are now with really kick the ball put the ball to air is the field so accurately it's tough to get a good return in fact this is the true Christmann game Michigan state last year memory at five inside the ally yeah and that I was they didn't have much going off and so we will one twenty six to six mostly bill because of drew Crispin being so precise with this part yeah well return man likes to see is a long time with no hang time yeah you can catch a going forward and then get your blocks all that but it's become such an arts getting tougher and tougher but our guys as good as anybody I with their speed quickness but you know the return games change a lot I will say this in terms of the punt return game Dave Garrett Wilson is still.

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