Gillian Geico, JOE, Wrestling discussed on Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai - Eat, Rant, Love (with Gillian Jacobs)


So we ever game we call which is worse okay where we will give you two situations and you have to say which was worst wonderful are you ready so ready okay first which is worst to have people only referred to you as gillian geico abs asthma here life yes or eating a tire italian dinner in the middle of a wrestling ring while a wrestling match is happening i think the gillian geico's because that seems like it's a onetime event the wrestling ring right yes that's true you get it over with yeah fair posed a smart answer this is an easy chess you're also like a wrestling fan low key lowkey lowkey witches worst to get punched directly in each boob by lisa vander pomp like each fishery has one one to each boop okay at once social after like set down her pomerania okay or get kicked in the uterus by rupaul it'd be an honor to have either thing that's what i guess i guess i guess it would be worst to be kicked in the uterus because they feel like the fat of your breasts were kind of soften the blow that's right that's right i saw lisa vander pump recently i was gonna ask work where first of all at sir i my question was going to be have you been to sir yes i have i went recently and they were filming that i and i met stasi yes i so i had no idea what serve was i was it for those who don't know it's likely savannah pumps restaurant stands for no sexy unique restaurant of cooks i have no idea what it was late manish word for south now it is and it's sexy unique restaurant it's like meditarranean nitz everything right and then also rupel you were you our guest joe yes.

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