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Dot com now the news senate intelligence committee here's from fired fbi director james comey tomorrow with his opening remarks released in advance of course not event rajoub reports at least one republican expressed concern about president trump reportedly telling call me to see your way clear to letting this guy oh as far as the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn john mccain spoke with us said that he's disturbed by these remarks by james call me saying that the president so the pressure and urging will drop that pro advocating this is obstruction of justice he would not go there but he said know is that this is something to be investigate asian needs to come to a conclusion are a third day of testimony wrapped up and bill cosby sexual assault trial a bulk of today's court action was taken up by the defense's cross examination of cosby accuser andrea constand in california a man with stage for cancer has been arrested for allegedly plotting to kill the doctors who treated him and barbara kusak and i'm doug christner at bloomberg world headquarters in new york let's check this hours top business stories and the markets the private survey on chinese manufacturing shows contraction sheen media and market economics pm i dropped to a reading of forty nine point six in may that's down from a reading of fifty point three in april now the may reading is the lowest since june 26 team earlier the people's bank of china's at the one central parity rate at six point eight zero nine zero.

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