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Anybody who watches its movie who like man i want to go back and read the graft novel and see how much it relates to it spoiler alert there's one fighting in the comic book right and it's not very long no it's it's a couple panels and knitted yet couple pages phone every couple of pages you it is in the stairwell so they did nail that right out the dead new movie but to the the graphic novel was not this action thriller you know no it it reads like a spy thriller spy thriller like a tournament of the guy's name um the authors escaping me tinker taylor soldiers by a roof le carre john le carre and give it reads like the google later yeah korea do that um it reads just like a a s yeah like a spicer i mean there's not it's it's just an interesting conversation to have once you once you see the the source material and you realize that this is a movie that that takes those beats and rosamund in there and then just amplifies everything to the end degree and whether it's the action sequences whether it's the production design um you know there was a joke made about so sharly sarah nhs character has now a bedroom that's completely lit in neon income ends y'all the question was how does she sleep yet at headingley all that neon illinois and someone said you know apparently with no clothes on because in the movie she has often not closed but um there's just it inin you know the thing that dumb the movie plays up his is the it 1989 the berlin wall and it's not really i mean it's there.

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