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And sewage districts of the city of bellingham health officials confirm long leg has been hit by a toxic bluegreen algae because sap son says the public should avoid all contact with long leg duda elevated levels of the toxic bacteria the origins of a brushfire to threaten the neighborhood ingraham friday raising suspicion fire investigators question of fourteen and fifteen euro who live near where the fire started that fire moved close to the home of matthew garcia volatile the sad kumble out over the golan lower as a hose area garcia and his family evacuated with others in the neighborhood rain helped douse the fire everyone is back home safely this morning a forty one yearold tacoma woman pleads guilty to placing a bomb under the car of someone she believed to be a police niche the device exploded blasting hold vehicle and scattering debris through elp a neighboring yards one was injured court documents say between august and october 2016 kenny joe bennett became convinced that the victim was providing information to authorities about her drug trafficking activities and recruited someone to help her blow up the victim's car bennett sentencing is set for early next year he will spend the rest of his life in prison that's the sentence handed down to ann arbor and man who tortured then killed his girlfriend's 18yearold autistic son comost carleen johnson file this report at the can't regional justice center the state of washington versus matching christiansen caused matthew christensen was convicted back in august the 45 the like lead never see freedom again sentences sixty five years in prison for homicide by abuse and other charges for also torturing the younger brother 18yearold otto smith and his brother jonathan spent four months basically being imprisoned and tortured by christian who met their mother on craigslist and santos told the judge what the defendant did this such a vulnerable young man is hard to comprehend there were moments in this cloud that no one will likely forget several members of the jury were here at sentencing today one told me the mothers should be locked up too because she allowed the abuse she stuck up said no on on the judge agreed with prosecutors to that exceptional sentences 65 years as defense attorney said they will appeal at the retail justice center in kent carleen johnson come on is on the road be aware the.

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