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Picking up on it as a paschal siaka could be the guy that they're looking at with the raptors deciding to go full and rebuild. And you know whether it's trying to package four and seven to move up or just taking foreign seven And decided you know. We're going to sort of build an ad around this team. I think that that's that's really interesting. Oklahoma city always always end the promised game. Somewhere whether it's true or not. Every year it's rumored san prestige shutdown someone. He's promised somebody. I think everybody was pointing to isaiah jackson out of kentucky. Who does not show up at. The combine doesn't do anything doesn't do interviews doesn't do anything for a guy like that that you know kate cutting hand that makes sense for a guy like that it probably means either. He's hiding something's got an injury or something is trying to hide. Or or he's got a promise and given given where the thunder are developmentally and with pick sixteen and eighteen Kind of right there in the mid first round. I think you know slotting isaiah jackson the same way. We all slotted poku to the thunder last year like it was the worst kept secret in the draft. That poker was going going to be a member of the thunder one way or the other on draft night. I think a lot of people are feeling that way for him. And i think the biggest mystery that i've had so many people call me about entrenched trying to figure out as alpern sing them out of turkey. This incredibly productive like luca danni such as performance over in europe won the mvp of the turkish league at eighteen years old. Which is which is crazy. Because that's a real. That's what i mean it's really great stuff to analytics are like off the charts in like he's the best player in the draft analytics like that's what the analytics are saying and the eye test is is confusing. Because he's got big the way turkey plays him on his team is. It's kind of an old school game. He said you know he's. He's a traditional center. Doesn't shoot threes. i mean it's not handling the ball questions about his athleticism. He's only six ten with maybe like a six ten wingspan. He's you know he's not like got huge size. It looks a little bit heavy footed not. He's not like you know he's not like yokich but like he's you know he's not like the super bowl big and so there's interesting crazy tension between numbers production like all of that actually says this guy's probably like a top. You know maybe after that six like the seventh guy this draft like hands down. But then when you think about the way the league's evolved and you know how big play in the nba. He's going to have to do a lot of things that he wasn't doing in turkey to play on an nba team. And and can he do those and you know immense a sort of guest because he just hasn't been doing those things he's the most fascinating guy for me. he's really really skilled. And you're right. I mean he is old school traditional five all that kind of stuff but the passing Just you can tell us more of a player. He.

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