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Jonathan marshall show eric haller and we'll carrier with goals for vegas of sevengoal scores oscar dance ingoal pitches the shut out first shut out in vegas gold then nights history as they move to eight and one on the season with the whitewash of colorado now the final this one in overtime the columbus blue jackets beat winnipeg by a score of two to one camp atkinson tied it up in the third at ten twenty three and then josh anderson coming up with the overtime game winner and columbus rallies rebel onenothing deficit and wins by a score of two two one at home games in progress there in the second period in chicago and the nashville predators have a twoone lead over the blackhawks kelly yarn krokan has one goal of four national the other goal inches check here real quick craig smith has scored the other goal for nashville part of an ecb off on the board for chicago but late in the sackett in illinois a two one nash will lead in the third period st louis has a two one lead over carolina dmitri astrakhan and brayden schenn with the goals for the blues jeff skinner is sixth of the season for carolina and leader on on a game has gone on the way of obvious check worth that dallas moore why is it the scooped here we go after one period of play to health said calgary are scoreless in alberta meanwhile a in the american hockey league providence bruins were in binghampton to take on the binghampton devils and they come away with a four one victory mckenzie blackwood takes the law in goal the only big devils goal coming from jacob make donald as a mcdonald's picks up his second goal of the season but in a four one defeat here the devil's win in a shoot out by a score of five to four will take a short time out will come back with more the post game show or right after this you're listening to devil sake on the one.

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