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I mean I can't give a lot of oil as the story goes in like a radically extreme direction but we say we stay true to what people loved about the first one you know so hopefully. Hopefully. It's unlike any slasher you seem before but it's it reminds you of the ones you grow up. Loving same time. That's that's my goal. Yeah. Yeah and that was the beauty of the original terrified I. Felt. Reminded you that time period and those slashers but it didn't feel overtly throwback which certain some slashers do you know is that balance of this feels familiar but it's different. It's taking the whole thing into a new direction I try. Thank you I, appreciate that I think there's a lot of movies where like you just said they try and. They try and capture that exploitation by. It doesn't quite feel genuine. It's almost like a tongue in cheek kind of light you know. I think if you can genuinely get there because it's true that you are and I think that's real really works. I mean hopefully I can do that. Yeah. Yeah. No I think you can tell if somebody's trying to do something for the sake of being campy and it just comes just falls. So flat as far as I'm concerned, the exception being the grind house movies with Broadway says and and Tarintino but. Yeah big inspiration those those two But yeah, I mean 'cause like the original the old school grind house movies though they were they were a lot of times inadvertently cheesy because unlike limitations and Whatever whatever the? That gave it some of the charm I mean they weren't really constantly winking at the audience all the time. So yeah, that's that's. Nice. So have you been documenting the making of terrifying to or do you have your own heart to darkness on the way? I. Think we do I mean I started. With that in mind going into this I bought a little camera and I was bringing it everywhere and filming everything before for you know when I could not even think about that anymore I just got so consumed by everything I had to do. But thankfully, everybody onset now is, has there fallen out now just constantly recording in horizontal or God so and good quality. So I'm sure with all the footage we can make some pretty amazing documentary behind the scenes. Yeah. That'd be cool. There's there's there's a documentary about Rob Zombie Making Devil's rejects called thirty days in Hell, came a rare bucks set and then it comes with that. I watch it repeatedly. You. Mind scenes. Nice. Thing commentaries. Here's a good one four from dusk till dawn to I've seen that one as well. Yeah. Love that will good as well. But yeah, I, mean, you see these movies and they look like the. Show well done but people realize how difficult it is to actually all the shit that goes wrong. All the time. It's constant. It's. Everything's GonNa go. Yeah. Common criminal has directors is was there ever like a dark night of the soul things get so difficult that you actually consider quitting and it doesn't sound like you've ever considered quitting but was there is there anything that was able to help you get through this just given the difficulty of all? Yes. Yeah it's very So. That happens all the time. It happened all the time on at that moment and It's happened since since I started doing this as as a kid and just making. Really low budget movies and stuff. You always find yourself at a point where inside you say am I doing with my life like I'm you know because it's like you're bringing this stress on yourself nobody's forcing you to be a filmmaker and it Sohar and then you just realize why you're not asking. Churches in a you know. Worked for the fire on board with this audio I, listen to people and got a city job. And enjoy like why didn't they do that life could been much easier but you just have to power through it and look at the look at the angle. That's that's what I always do. I was myself and my hardest moment I put myself three months down the line I just say I know it's going to be worth it down the line you feel very, very accomplished something you have to you have to be born wanting to do. But yeah. I mean that was definitely a moment where we were filming. Two back to back up for. I was up almost forty eight hours actually I slept for two hours on NAP in the location. and. Just woke up and went right into the next thing because we were just fill like the climax. And I was just so down everybody was so miserable and. ended a a really dingy gross environment and it was very cold very dirty like barry dusty. And everybody everybody at that point everybody's covered in blood all and everything like that and I was down and I, just looked at my lead actress who's wearing. Skimpy EST Halloween costume. And she's covered in blood at this point I. Look at her and she just she was smiling she smiled it may because I could tell she knew what we were doing really great and she was like looking at the center slacks and Matt Smile just really really got me through the day I'll never forget that I'll never forget who was suffering more than anybody else and I her name's along Lavera by the way she is just Exceptional unbelievable I can't wait to see her character. But she she was really suffering in both out of everybody because she like I said going in freezing cold locations and she is just covered head to toe in blood for majority. and. Lot. A lot of actors allot who've had gone through the same thing. They cannot deal with it and they are not cool. They think they're going to be cool with it. It, and then you see them change Jecklin awed. Really. Yeah and she's just the yes she's been. So yes. So that's a standout moment for the most part. No no rail daunting my spirit's I'm pretty much pretty optimistic on stuff for the most part. That's good. Yeah. It's amazing how those little things like the smile from caz member can can help Perry through these moments. We're any I mean obviously having resilient actors like that who when it comes to indie filmmaking know what they're getting into can make or break a movie obviously. Is there any indication when you were casting that she was resilient strong would be able to weather this storm anything other director should look for when they're casting actors other than their performances because as good as an actor, they might be if they crumble at the site of difficulty then. Your movie up but. I gotta say, honestly, there's really nothing so. Hair because I've had people were on like this. Person's going to be great they. They're so excited and then it just like they fall apart a fall. So I really don't know but. Unlike almost every other actor actress I've worked with nobody has ever cared for a character as much as she had almost to the point where she cared more about the character than I do and it's my favorite actor and I've ever written and. And she would just constantly. You know email me or call me taxes. The have endless endless questions about this character things that I didn't even think about and she'd be writing journals in her own story about the character on what she thinks and seeing that for you know the two months of prep leading up I was like, Oh my God. This is. Pretty looking pretty good also. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So this amazing as a director, that's exactly what you want is somebody we like, yeah. Take the character in different directions that you even considered. No doubt no doubt. So that was. Cool well, this obviously being terrified you're too. I'm sure you're thinking what's next for three, four, five, six, whatever the however the franchise goes would you would you ever consider handing over to a different director?.

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