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Your metal detector on your wrist didn't even know you're having jerk can tell we lost waterway. Your heart rate didn't even get a all right. We'll get into our interview with jason biggs when we got the i snake. Jackie i've been rewatching eleven. Twenty to sixty three with james hillary's leaning on a quick would you rather she'll be visited. One of these. Three people are days. What would you rather do by an alien time traveller or someone who actually has like real superhuman powers are they gonna be evil. Be good looking for something Whatever you got on the argument even time travel future tied travel from the future. Yeah because that's the only like well. I know i love aliens. I guess if i could be visited by alien and have some proof though be cool. I think the worst thing that would happen is like you prove the existence of aliens to yourself like that's it you know what i mean like. Nobody else believes you. You see that grow on tiktok. Fuck the alien no so this girl went viral. She's like fuck this alien and she met this guy. On like hinge. He was like an hour an hour away from me but he got to my apartment in thirty minutes which was weird but like whatever i didn't think anything of it like i don't know and then she's like whatever we have sex in the morning i call. I'm like okay. Queen calling him uber. like nice. The uber like apple. All of a sudden says drop like person dropped off and she was like that's weird again when he lives in our way and i guess she followed up with it. As i'm saying this story sounds fake. I mean obviously fake story soundtrack. Hang on bench might not have bucket alien. The story goes like uber and uber driver was like oh like he didn't ask me to go. He told me to just drop him off like in this cornfield. Like i didn't go all the way back to the town that you put in and then like that night there was like ufo sightings or something like that and she's like. I fucked alien but obviously i. I actually liked that. Because i hope that the idea of aliens. I like the idea of aliens. Exist fucking the now without like the gotta wait for your cab. Like he's just would he got dropped off that morning and he just sat in a cornfield. Fucking ride. The boys are running late sons of bitches. I told me here ten. Am goddamn and i want a big cheese song over fucking human. Lattes shower watched stink off me. That'd be funny. You get back back back to you. Know your your ship and it's like oh you fucked a humid and how bad bad man. He just salient brunch. Where they just have a fucking the human blood slushie and dislike. She told me. I had a pretty. You hear what exe- five said last night. I fucked as human bro. Like now that would be if i if aliens came down..

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