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You had to throw any all sweatshirt. And again. Oh my goodness. I don't know if you notice this on Saturday, but it went from beautiful terrible in about ten minutes. It seemed like yes. Very cold below average temperature. But is that it in ninety degree weather? Pope long sleaze. The young head on I, I would disagree with her. I kinda would rather have the ninety degree weather for those folks that polish fest Yikes up and was lucky to have loves in my in my jackets. I think the mommy, let's be prepared for anything. I think it's ideal to be the fest with this kind of weather. I don't like being hot. So I'll still have a cold beer, and I'll enjoy the polish food you can still enjoy the food. If you want, but boy, chilly pirogi. You don't like your Pearl. He's getting cold. I you know, I don't know about you, but this was the first time I really think I snapped on, like a Saturday night. I was done. I just picture you going into a just a raid. Everybody's looking at you. Dad, what's going here, just bleep this bleep that tyrod tired of all the cyclone bombs, whatever this stuff is that they call this. I'm tired of. Well, I'll tell you what ten o'clock for ten, we're gonna talk a little bit deeper about the weather, and I usually don't admittedly, I find the topic of weather being discussed your ideal snooze, and boring, except when you learn a new term, and this has been a year season, if you will, of new weather terminology, at least for me. A simpleton of the weather world. We learned or I should say, I learned admittedly. I learned a new phrase from Jesse ripka, today's team, Jay four meteorologist over the weekend based on that temperature. Swing we saw Saturday and maybe you missed it, but we will. We'll share that same term with you in the ten o'clock hour. Excellent Kenosha, please trying to track down the owner of a dog that bit a four year old child in the faith this story it started last week, and it kind of grew legs if you will over the weekend. Paul Kylie, says the white pit bull is owned by a family friend stopped by they were visiting them.

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