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But the I'm man say the anthrax thing so jazzy love bomb. Bump bump bump bump bump up of a bump bump, I up at the like the PD Godzilla song that a whole album have real banging. Yeah. I guess. Tron? I don't really Tron legacy. You loved her legacy. Hide it. But that had soundtrack is killer. Yeah. That's the best album of punks. Don, really opinion. Okay. Yeah. I'm just putting him best movie soundtracks and sing forgotten any that don't necessarily the lineup with the Garden State, but plays one that's almost Sidley dated. But at the time spoiled soundtrack, certainly it was something that I don't think has ever happened again. Which is it was just they got original collaborations from like metal dudes and electric dude's table along. Yeah. Okay. These will look up what's on that. But he thing. Yes. On it. Yes. I've forgotten what you said what was the name of the album sports born that's the night. Sporran soundtrack. That's it. We got filtered. The crystal method is on there, of course, Silva Chan really be a civil Chait collab- AMAN. Okay. Yet you trip like I do which Christine Todd road out of hell by snake pimps and Marilyn Manson off Janis site and by cook Hamilton orbital kick out the pay for Metallica. I assume so notice kick out the which is corn and dust brothers tiny rubber band Moby and butthole surfers on ninety six say odd off who the bell tolls. Metallica and DJ spooky another one. I don't wanna pot stabbing westward and Josh wink, have held up probably mount of pinup by Ida, white states, and man, son. Remember Manson one mind from Bristol. Yes. One man army, the prodigy, originally, lacing pasta, and Tom Morello sporran. The spawn song just called spoon is Silva cheer. And vitrolles. Yeah. T- full strain. Henry Rowlands and Goldie familia in incubus and day, Jay gray. Boy. She came by this guy. No remorse. Stay jaeger. I no remorse brackets. I wanna die. So I had the Tari teenage ROY it these old combinations of bands. Yeah. A plane scrapped its belly on. And then it said like, I don't know how many of them collapsed like collaborations, full like. Trip. Like, I do is like there's there's like a version that is just I think the crystal method version, and it's pretty much the same raw. Yeah. You know, I think I think maybe it was a case of got the band into do their thing. And then they just add it's Mason mooks over this. Maybe I'm wrong you brought my megabit wrong. Maybe it was an entirely collaborative process. They all got to maybe every band got together. And they were like, okay. Pick a number. Now, they lined up the metal they lined up the rock bands. And they lined up all the electron hip, hop guys like different sides, and they all go to pick. And so somebody somebody they got lost. Goldie? I was gonna actually say Goldie, but I could remember if the Goldie Goldie Golini good fine. One of the best. I hear. Yeah. Applying scrapped its belly on a suty yellow moon by soul, coughing and Ronnie size Roni size. This is not a dream by morphine and Apollo full forty. So that's definitively. I had this. In future. We scrapped the look new new new venue for the recording the podcast. Gotcha. Every Wakon for this. We scrap the lettuce segment, and we just raised it out. We just read out like a music compilation from the nineties. We just go on. John. Believe it. Hey jealousy. GM blossom. Yeah. I'm just looking through Batman forever. As going to d like, good stuff. And they've got hold me thrill me kiss me. Kill me you too. Yes. And let's have a smashing pumpkins sell against the one. That goes, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan. And it's got from a rise, of course..

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