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Don't davidson is an editor at the federal list. He's written an article in the federalist which is a good read. I always come in the federalist i think they do good work entitled five big things we learned about our elites in twenty twenty and i wanna take them one by one but john. Did you learn these thing did. Did learning these things did these people exposing themselves as they did in any way actually surprised you not at all. I think that these were things. Everyone kind of knew These were things that we could see. Contributing to trump's election in two thousand sixteen the corruption of our elites in the corruption of our institution institutions public life but we certainly got confirmation in ways And and i think that's what twenty twenty brought us. Was these really dramatic. Instances where our worst fears and suspicions about arby's were confirmed time and time again. Let's take them one by one number one. Democrats don't care about science or religious liberty. let's start with the democrats. Don't care about science. What made you come to that conclusion over and over. We've heard democratic governors and mayors saying that we have to follow the science on code and that we're going to let the scientists lead us and we're gonna make all our decisions based on science and over the month as the year unfolded as the pandemic unfolded. We saw time and again mayors and county health officials and governors making decisions really big important decisions about lockdown stay. The weren't based on the science all wasn't based on anything In fact one judge in california called out the county health officials in los angeles saying your order to your clothes. Outdoor dining isn't based on anything. There's no data. There's no science behind it at all. So democrats don't care about science. They say they do but when it actually comes down to making policy. They don't use science to justify the policies that they want to put forth democrats. You know what. I find interesting. John is the rigorous pursuit of truth. That that the scientific method gives us is is. There is truth and honesty to two plus two four. there is truth and honesty to gravity right. these are these are principles or rules. They're immutable they do not change. They will always be there before us. And after us in this idea that questioning opinions of supposed scientist or public. Health officials was somehow taboo. Was somehow dangerous. That is to me more frightening than the fact that these people don't respect science at they don't respect the inputs to coming to conclusions and we saw that on full display. Yeah that's right that's right. I i think the idea that you question the experts Like there are some Clerical class that has a lock on truth and that everything they say is like an oracle coming from. The heavens is really disturbing the the fact that that we treat Health officials and bureaucrats and elected officials as though They their orders and their rules. Come from on high is just not true. And the pandemic exposed that best example our top of mine example. You say democrats don't care about science or religious liberty. What was the case that really in your mind. Voters in americans should look at and say especially people of faith and say look what happened here. The two most high profile cases where when the supreme court struck down governor andrew. Cuomo of new york's order that churches and houses of religious worship should have different standards For opening than Other businesses and then they did the same thing with california governor gavin newsom orders it also discriminated against houses of worship those two things descried and capture sort of elites prejudice against both religious liberty and the complete disregard For science and data. th those orders weren't based on anything other than Discrimination against people if they weren't based on science a data that showed going to socially distanced church service puts you at greater risk than packing into a lowe's home depot. They were just based on the idea that we're gonna discriminaga- discriminate against religion The supreme court called him out on it both times and interestingly the media reframed that discussion to say well that ruling doesn't matter because he's rescinded the order. No no it was important to have the ruling because whether it's in effect for an hour a week a month or forever it's wrong as written not sufficiently narrowly tailored without a real public policy and science behind it. That was an important statement. And i hope that people of faith will will not forget that. I hope it will make a difference in in In georgia where democrats are going to are going to act in lockstep. Because that's what they do you have a prediction there. I think that we haven't seen any change from what we saw. In november with regard to the security and of our elections and the confidence that people can have that the laws that we have on the books. We'll be followed and that the rules that we have are counting absentee ballots for example will be followed and that the the the processes that we have in place to prevent people from voting twice or out of state residents in will be enforced. We didn't see a lot of that. in november. We saw a lot of rules being ignored and laws being broken. And unfortunately we we have to get that six because people have to have confidence in our elections. And i don't know that we're going to have much more success. This time around than we did in november in terms of people having confidence and they leave the democrats will cheat. I believe that there are not secure processes in place to ensure that that when people cheat they get caught. Do you think there are enough. High placed republicans willing to overturn an election. If in fact it is clear. Democrats cheated or willing to dig in and determine whether they cheated are. Do you think they'll do what they've already which is looked the other way and say well. Let's be gracious losers. Yeah i think the latter. I know i don't think there's enough democrats Or i should say republicans that are willing to to dig in and call for a commission and really look at this in a series way which is too bad. Because as i say you have to. People have to have confidence in in the elections. And it's possible to do that. In a credible and serious way. There are states that have mass mail in voting. That secure look at florida Florida elections nobody disputes the result of florida elections. And they know the results right way and yet. This is the state with a really diverse population two time zones millions and millions of people large population and they have large numbers of belan voting. But they do. It is secure way. So that people have confidence as other the integrity john donald davidson come back and see us..

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