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And I remember like there was this one jump and I swear you were like the only person going to flat like you were just sending it off the table top over the backside like jumping a flat autism. craziest thing I've ever seen. Yeah I think I was a fourteen then. I'm seventeen now. So I was like three years ago. I was going to say it was a while ago. but Yeah well in that being said a lot has definitely changed on your end. Came up through. The offroad ranks of the made the switch to drifting. I mean tell us how oh that kind of happened because everybody kind of New Year's like a UT racer. I know you did Maude cards things like that. And then all of a sudden it was like boom union brother both Kinda switched. How's that been? And how did you actually make that transition. Because I mean we see guys like you know von getting junior now. He's kind of transitioning to offer a lot of people. Go in the other direction. Like you did. Yeah well I was racing in seventeen. I was racing. The side-by-side costs no work series. And then and we ran into an age issue with my brother so we were like okay. Well we'll take a break until he's old enough so I had a friend he actually runs they And also to experience you in town but he also does drifting he's like. Hey Amanda you WANNA take my car out and I'll lecture I mean why not so. I took his current to a local event. And matter of fact my brother was actually somewhere on the east coast so it was just me and my dad's out and I I was like. Oh yeah this is really fun. I told my brother about it and having my mom went and drifted their Camaro that they had as a rental car. And my brother is like. That's no fair. I WANNA do it. So he got back. We went out and we went drifting and we just kind of like once we tried it. We loved it. It was like it was fun. It's definitely Different different than the off road. That's for sure but as of right now I'm the youngest licensed female in Formula Drift. So you have my prote- license and my brother's youngest licensed male. Well you know all of that being said to. I know it's. It's quite a bit different because I've tried to drift before and then I've actually. I've actually done some stuff with Ryan Turk riding along with him and I got to tell you like sliding off road car and sliding drift car completely lately two different things and like form the drift. Like it's so like it's controlled chaos. It's so crazy that you can just place the car in you know. I don't know it's it's just just nuts to me like how has that. been kind of gaining that car control because it's a completely different driving experience than what you're used to off road. I mean honestly erasing the soil series with the MON cards we go those jumps and we saw the carson sideways the only differences. Now you're not worrying about Rut and you're not worrying about flipping thing but also on top of that. We do tandems which is when you have two cars and one follows the other one leads. And you're like right up as close courses you can with each other just mirror images. Yeah and that's always been kind of rabid especially when you see a really close run and things like that and there both drifting in Tanta makes is it Makes a rabbit. I know how so you've got your pro to license and I know you know it's one of the things that ladder system formula d you know. They've got a pretty red ladder system. I know the even in the past and some stuff out at Irwindale where it's just kind of like a local like Adrift Night type of thing. But how did you Kinda work up your the ranks to get your pro to licensed because getting a pro not licensed isn't easy and then I mean obviously going all the way to FD license Full blown. I don't quite know what it's called but I know that's even a step further. But how'd how'd you get to this point so There are different levels of drifting. Yes it starts at Grasser which is just like anybody can go out In dressed really anyone can take their mom's car for all they care And then that's just kind of more like we go play around have fun practice and then then falling grassroots there's pro-am so the pro-am series. There's certain requirements that you have to have your car You go in you. Sign up up and there's usually about like four to five depending on what series. You're in But competitions within that series and you have to place first second or third in the championship to move up to your pro to license or you can also petition into pro or into formula formula drift which some people do like people coming from out of state series so petition into formula drift. And be like. Hey look this is my racing background. Do you think I'm good enough. And they'll say yes so you they'll say no but How I didn't fall so also on top of that my brother Brandon? He was he was. We did this. There was a one time in however many years that they do this and it's the double elimination bracket where you have your winner's bracket And then if you lose in the winners bracket you go to losers bracket and you basically have to be you have to lose twice in order to be out and so it was the one time events events where they're going to give away a pro to license to the top three finishers and he. It's actually really funny because his rookie year and like nobody ever really heard of us. Who drove all the way to Virginia and I might have lost many gifts and we showed up at this event and it was like if you get first second the third you get your pro.

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