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Had a heavy workload by reliever standards in the last couple of rounds, but not in the last several days. 1st and 2nd 1 out for the Dodgers Top six leading 3 to 2 Kris Taylor. Oh, for two with a couple of strikeouts tonight. We'll see if Castillo can fight his way out of this jam. Riding against writing at a first pitch fastball sent foul right side one. His velocity looks pretty close to normal. That was 96 will see him Get to 98 Sliders been around 89. So he's he's in the neighborhood. He does not have any kind of. There's nothing aggressive about his presence on the mound right now, and I think players on the field consents that they could see them. Here's the Owen. At a fast ball foul tobacco into good arm side around on that fastball, even though he's not hitting 98 96 pretty good movement in on the hands of Kris Taylor, so see it now that he's got a conscious Off that inside pitch, maybe expand a little bit to the outside part of the play. Chris Taylor just has such good plate coverage. He stands on the plate. Still ableto fight off high velocity inside, so it won't be as easy as it might be against some other batters Big moment here in the sixth inning of game for the Dodgers up by one. Here's Theo to slider, but down away, Taylor would chase ball one. Castillo is right. You'll see him put away right handed batters, like on three pitches. Sometimes he'll make quick work of guys because this stuff is so good. Will Smith is out of second A. J. Pollock sit first, each of them walk. Here's the 12 on the way and it is lying the left field, But it is carrying out Tamargo to make the catch for the second out, hit right on the screws, but he'd write it, Margo. Taylor, looking at the scoreboard out in deep right field as he walks back to the dugout, want to have another look at it? He got a fastball just above the knees and he squared it up. I think that set up that Chris Taylor has that gets him great plate coverage to the outside part of the plate actually tied him up a little bit to be able to get the hands through on that pitch at that moment with that velocity because even though he hit it hard I think he got in on him just a little bit. It wasn't able to get through it and power with the backspin to get over Marco's head to down Here's Kiki Hernandez. No pinch hitter. Hernandez will stay to face Castillo two on two out one run lead Dodgers And the pitch slider and a swing of this and that one wasn't down in a way that one was up over the middle of the plate. But Hernandez swung underneath. It keeps moving on the mound like he's trying to loosen. Like like, what do you see guys go to the bullpen? They first start stretching. Stretching. Castillo is doing that between every pitch. Booky Betts is on deck. Should the inning continue? A studio trying to prevent that. Radio one and he's in there with a slider front door, slider there to the inside corner, and it's going to both of those mikes and behind the plate, setting a blown away. That's where the slider is intended to go. But they both back up, which actually can work a lot of times because it fools not just Catcher behind the plate, but also the hitter. Not what anybody is expected. So he's way out in front O into on Hernandez, the set and the pitch down it away and Hernandez checks the swing ball one. There's an excellent chance that at some point, Kevin Cash is going to have to go to somebody in a really spot who's not used to pitching in really key spots the way that things were going.

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