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November third get out get that parents get the friends get the husband get the weight get everybody now the difference is they get everybody even if they're not registered if they're not citizens hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the church in north Phoenix yesterday designated free speech zones are set up along cave creek road with surgeon and justice with the Phoenix police department says they weren't being used for a long get out of that designated area and they began to block traffic and moved into an area that was protected for the presidential motorcade for them to leave and that's when police say two officers were assaulted in water bottles were thrown at them police responded by using flash bangs pepper balls shot into the ground and pepper spray and unlawful assembly was declared no arrests have been made but an investigation is ongoing the nine hundred acre a kilo fire in north Phoenix is only five percent contained dozens of people are still evacuated this morning Katie ours Jim crosses live near twenty Seventh Avenue in the carefree highway yeah Bob Phoenix fire calling it contained last night forestry said not the case five percent containment this morning nine hundred acres more than a hundred twenty five firefighters on the job including accrued from Utah the just rolled along with another crew from the Kaibab National Forest in northern Arizona cloud road is closed from here to desert hills from vehicles all at a desert hills are people can come out not being allowed to go in about two hundred homes evacuated because of the hot spots a downed power lines APS as our crews in there on the job off firefighters were able to limit the wash just played one home in a couple of shots we got the fire south of the joy ranch area are because of the fire under investigation but it all started near the carefree highway twenty Seventh Avenue live in north Phoenix jump cross KTAR news well you live in the valley freeways this morning here's teeter dance live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center yeah let's put that in terms of minutes Bob right now if you are eastbound on the ten it's only a thirteen minute ride from the wanna one into the fifty one ten minutes is all on the fifty one south about Bill rode to the ten mini stack southbound seventeen you're looking at a total of thirteen minutes now you're recovered from Peoria to the tense but looking good and he's about one to one of the north valley for a seventeen minute ride from Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard I should say from seventy Fifth Avenue in the Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard now as you just heard Jim cross mentioned cloud road closed from via Padilla two desert hills for the fire in the northeast valley and the also we are also looking at couple service treat items in the clearing stages Roosevelt near eleventh street and also sixtieth street we've got a wreck near sixtieth street Thomas final clearing stages with it till the traffic report brought to you by T. mobile T. mobile and sprint are joining forces to power your business in more places than ever all across the country visit T. mobile for business dot com to learn more deterred and get your news mostly sunny today and tomorrow breezy today the high both days one eleven clear in eighty degrees tonight right now it's eighty eighteen.

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