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All trump was in the state for a two hour rally on saturday night. And he railed against kemp. Even encouraged republican congressman. Doug who just lost to leffler in the senate. Primary challenge the governor in a twenty twenty two primary number three. The president tweeted on sunday. That his personal lawyer rudy. Giuliani has covid. The seventy six year old traveled to michigan arizona and georgia last week and met indoors with state legislators in an effort to persuade them. To overturn. biden's win videos of those appearances. Showed giuliani was not wearing a mask during those meetings in fact hours before trump's tweet giuliani appeared on fox news where he repeated the president's false claims josh dossier and felicia sonmez report that giuliani's being treated this morning at georgetown university medical center. It's unclear why it was the president who disclosed giuliani's conditioner or whether he had permission to do so in a statement that said it was releasing with giuliani's consent last night the trump campaign said he tested negative twice immediately preceding his trips to michigan and georgia. The statement said the former new york mayor did not experience any symptoms for covid until more than forty eight hours. After his return from those trips people who are asymptomatic of course are still able to spread the virus when he's been around others who tested positive. Giuliani has refused to quarantine including after a news conference last month at the republican national committee headquarters when his son who was standing at his side tested positive in arizona. Legislative staff abruptly announced new coronavirus precautions last night. After the giuliani news broke. The state senate will be closed in the coming week because of concerns about giuliani's visit six days ago the arizona. Gop posted a picture of maskless. Lawmakers gathered in close quarters to giuliani. At least fifteen republican. Legislators in phoenix may have been directly exposed to the virus because of trump's lawyer according to the arizona republic and in georgia giuliani testified at a packed legislative hearing in the state capital on thursday. At least one georgia. Gop oven was cancelled for today following news of his infection according to the atlanta journal constitution and in michigan giuliani and a few state. Lawmakers did not wear masks during a committee hearing in lansing at one point in the meeting according to the detroit news. Giuliani even asked a witness to remove her mask as she was sitting next to him. Meanwhile business is booming in philadelphia at four seasons total landscaping. The owners of the gardening center. Say they have sold point three million dollars in merchandise since giuliani held. His bizarre news conference their last month. Among their most popular products or shirts that say make america rake again and lawn and order off and that's the daily two. Oh two for monday december seventh. Thanks for listening. I'm james hellman attack to you. Tomorrow newman.

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