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Loss hurts because this team needs wins so desperately and they're playing a bad twins team and they were finally hitting probably mostly because twins. Pitching is terrible but they have. It's like the the momentum theory right. Like i think there is momentum in team sports and you can get on a good rolling get bad role. The yankees have been on a bad role. Maybe a series sweep of the twins were just only positive. Things happened guys. Hitting home runs stanton. Looks like he's starting to feel it a little bit again. The pitching was all right. Maybe that's a momentum thing but then even though geraldo chapman. I'm not worried about him. That's momentum stopper blowing a game like that. I don't think so because you have an off day going out going to philly you going against her already. Dvd's there there's like. Something's happening over there too. I think when you walk out of the clubhouse. You're if you're if i'm on the team on like what what What you get. Shell shocked but it doesn't change what happened like you should have won that game and unfortunately the guy who's been the most consistent player on your team for the entire season had a bad day had a bad day one guy literally one guy had a bad day and that happens so as a team when i'm looking at that and the bats are still going. I'm still feeling good. I'm still carrying that in to wherever you know it's just it's one guy. You can almost chalk that up to just fluky circumstances all right. Well let's start with is number one. I freaking hate. Josh donaldson calls out to calls out. He's always been at check. Seo when he was he's always been very capable. Yeah i mean. His twitter handle is bringer of rain. If you if you name yourself bringer of rain urine a-hole i don't know if it was always that but it was that when i remember when he was in toronto just murdering the yankees when he went is so i was looking at his twitter account last night too and he he. He essentially mocked his manager on twitter. It was like the only posted he's had in a while. Rocco baldelli hasn't been on twitter at awhile team essentially mocked his manager in like a video by putting his his Josh donaldson face on on many from austin powers was freaking strange. And you know it was like a funny thing but it's like it's still your manager like in season. It's a weird thing to do but delhi hadn't been on twitter since april felt a need to respond to it in like with like a little bit of a power. Move in the sense that like. Who do you work for. It was just it was. It was just weird that debt like that. A current player would mock their manager. Completely out of nowhere is thousand. Yes i don't know man. I feel like today's players have no problem mocking manager. So he's but he's he's like he's an older guy in the league. It was just it was out of context and it was a strange came out of nowhere. It fill. It felt like and your team is terrible so It was just a weird thing to me. It just looks like that guy is just an asshole. He's just a dick. And i have a feeling everybody thinks that yeah end. Part of it is because he's he's been he. I mean he's been hurt but he's been good for the large part of the last seven years when he's been murdering the yankees so that's number one if if you're just a terrible baseball player it's hard to hate you because you're not going to hurt my team. But he's been hurting the yankees. So that's why. But then he does stuff like like you just outlined and then he calls out garrett cole for his spin rate dropping coincidentally after the league is starting to crack down on all the illegal substances and unfortunately even though he went over five in the game against cole he gets the last laugh off. Chapman of the series with the game tying home run. It's like if if it had to be anyone donaldson's the last one in that lineup. I wanted to see tie the game right there. And and he he calls out coal fairly or unfairly. I encourage you to listen to the a podcast. I did on wednesday with stephanie epstein. Who co wrote the article on dot com really fascinating the the information that they gathered from all these players around the league many anonymous sources because no one wants to attach their name to this stuff. Even though the more we learn it's like ninety percent or more of the league is doing is using illegal substances and it's like sort of inherent in the game where it's not just pitchers going out of their way to come up with these concoctions. Teams are inventing these concoctions. The training staff is helping them develop them. They're using the editor traffic cameras to assess how that substance works versus another substance like. Oh this substance a gives you a hundred more. Rpm's on your fast. Bolden substance. Be so we're going to go substance it's like. Have you ever been to the doctor. A or b b. Okay a a or c. How they're getting to this level. It is insane. Baseball never ceases to amaze me with how much they will go to cheat. And that's that's that's what it is with this pitcher illegal substances and colds getting cold out called out for it fairly or unfairly. He seems to have become the face of this for baseball. He's he's also he's also not running from it either. I mean he's for all intensive purposes non-answer minutes to the spider now the spider tax stuff. When when he was when he was talking about it he he knows like he was he was in non that he's in the. There's a lawsuit that's happening with the the clubhouse guy from angels and he's in on that too so it's not. This is one of those things that i have a couple of opinions on this people. Talk about this fans talk about this. Like oh it's happening for years like shut up. Turn the other cheek like it's fine. It's happening for years and to a point that's fine yes. It has been happening. 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