NRA, Huffpost, Theft discussed on Stephanie Miller


Garmin garmin were in we can maybe these yes some two it it is the stepping on the show up to it fifty one minutes after the hour or suzanne western hoffer live in studio are huffpost headline cops and educators agree arming teachers is a terrible idea uh yeah he's just a big gelatinous orange fontham bad ideas listening we've been reading he says he's been breathing it he's going to being the nra talking points the hands young as asked many people are saying get many people at the nra okay i'll just play compare and contrast because the children will in fact save us here is the orange gelatinous gripped weasel we have a hard nurse who is no choice for them a gunfree zone goo a killer or somebody that wants to be a killer sets like going in for the ice cream that's like here am take me we have to get squadron gunfree zones will they see it says this is a gun freeze on that means that nobody has a gun accept theft nobody's going to be shooting bullets in the other direction and they see that as such a beautiful carpet federal live for gunfree zones while stinky captain bad analogy it's very clear winning replied from them abuse screen ice cream wields through the ice cream and lower shot okay here is a.

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