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Guys ready for tomorrow Niners report first practice Saturday here we go here we go David Lombardi of the athletic covers the forty Niners joining us on the Yuma guess line before we talk not as though David coverage Stanford for ever and ever and ever and ever and then David a first of all good morning welcome the murder mac show good to have you dude second of all has a nine AM kick up on the farm sounding now my and I saw that yesterday I I I thought that they were talking about central time or something arm outlet least mountain time you know with Colorado and Utah hi how are you the all these alumni bases are already extremely upset with the late kick boxing now you're gonna add nine AM I mean what time something about the team's what time today at the at the stadium what seven I am thirty that stretch and warm up and how's anybody gonna tail gate I mean you you complain about attendance in the pac twelve that they're doing everything that considering everything to lower it not the not to raise that civil man Larry Scott to driving it into the detention you see it on the field the teams are responding the teams are not performing in we're going into another probably underwhelming back to football season so anyway that's not the topic the topic is the forty Niners in here we go there reporting for duty on Friday they will of course have their first practice on Saturday so we got a power rank on top stories I guess it probably is not a not a stunning upset not a shocker to say Jimmy Jeez NY right that's whatever's me watchin is is the plan to sort it ease a man because Jerry rice told us it took him two years to come back from his A. C. Alan maybe should forty Niners fans temper their expectations him hopping right back up on the bike yeah I think over the last ten twenty years ACL science if you will has taken great strides as far as the day goes with the athletes the guys who are getting the very best three album the very best treatment you know you can also add that to the fact that Jimmy G. is not playing at the same position as Jerry rice obviously need stability and cutting is gonna be necessary everywhere on the football field but for wide receiver and running back I think the biggest deal the biggest stress on the need is right there Jerry rice also he came back really quickly right that without one year and then he that I think that would be a very fractious Patel and after that as well that a Jerry rice to the freak of nature back in the day maybe he pushed it a little bit too fast that year will probably never know but in the case of drop below I think that everything's been going according to the modern schedule according to what what you have seen guys come back from effectively already here in the recent past and I don't think that the forty are gonna have in hand cuffs in any way early on they need to get him up to speed throughout training camp and preseason otherwise if you're not you know working out with with live bullets if you're only on an eighty percent then then when it does become live when everything is at full speed from the regular season that that's where I think you risk re injury so I think the forty Niners need to work around the low.

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