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However the the search is cut short when antiviral programs begin attacking him seward manages to guide the spider out of cyberspace and pulls off the vr helmet. Before ben's brain can get fried rally returned the favor and by by pulling seward to safety just as the computer system against the overload and explode. Meanwhile spiderman clings to the side of his home. Thinking about everything has happened to him recently. The first thing being the recent discovery that he is not the original. Peter parker but a clone so long that lasts worse he also that the jacqueline pointed psychic time bombs in his mind. Now remember last pumpkins Thanks to these mental triggers. He almost killed his wife. Mary jane but managed the fight them off before he committed the unspeakable. So we won't speak about although the dangerous over for now. He fears what other surprises that war. Warren may have implanted in his brain. His thoughts are interrupted by his wife. Mary jane who has come looking for him because she knows that he is worried. She is grim board winning for brooding husband the comeback on his own and tells peter to come home as they can start so they can they can start living happily ever after with their new baby because they deserve it. Peter is convinced than web slings away with his pregnant wife in his arms. Okay as a fault. Okay we're both fathers completely hundred percent safe to be web swinging with a pregnant woman on an a business call aiding cypriots. It's a bit touching I guess he backs himself. Good on well done payday. But seriously he's got a he's actually on a sling that's true she's gonna take belt like you could go web swindon but you know. Don't get mahatma afterwards Let's see been spoke at that moment. The new female doctor octopus is summoned to her lab by dr bruckner. Who has an emergency. She is told about the breach of their computers. However the intruder failed to recover the stolen data sewer trainers research on breaching the barrier from virtual normal reality. She intends to use technology much the same way that her beloved otto octavius created his mechanical arms. Know why they said the beloved. I don't think they were dating. I think she chooses like his student or something. I think. Yeah i think most just respectable or Kind of like in respecting brilliant stugotz obvious not his haircut void row speaking to hang out the city. We get a few hiccups not just children up in. Raleigh gets pretty much reading the synopsis. I'm going through the comic Writing in the package with bins standing. A billy sars will be proud. That's what does the weird thing with. Rallying sometimes peter. This era like one is she. Won't they'll have short hair then. The next one will be like down past their shoulders. And it's like an ira talk time lapse. What's going on raiders continuity. Yeah writers think. I wanna really own way Oh yeah while back at sewer trainers lab seward and bank over the little bit of data they pulled from the invading computer. Unfortunately all they have is a strange octopus shaped logo as they try to figure out what this means. They are interrupted by the parkers who've come so seward can scan peter's to make sure that there are no mental time bomb waiting in his mind as one test starts. Sodas another this time on. The streets of new york means doctor. Octopus unleashed her prototype. Virtual reality reality bomb. So some my. I let evan assure reality bomb. The one i just out as long as it's good have you ever. Have you ever done the ya stuff. So yeah yeah. I mean i don't have one here but i've done it before. Yeah i mean it's pretty interesting. Yeah i did the work. I'm because Probably not not a work within the university Looking at the tasting spices and someone came in trying to sell Via things in this is how you can look at projects and put it on. It was pretty good but we have to use a whole classroom and put all the furniture reside. But you had because you can say oxy. We're going but it was fun. Although is good as long as the graphics good be happy about it. We're talking about the nine these these are now. I'm thinking i'm thinking it's spawn. movie level. Say waste students to watch you in the are really not age Yes much they're delight. They make a section of the city briefly transformed into a prehistoric jungle complete with hungry dinosaurs. The reality distortion ends as quickly as a begins that just nothing happened that evening. Peter and mary. Jane romantic dinner to celebrate peter's clean bill of health as the pier dance. Peter kisses his wife when suddenly mary. Jane feels the baby kick putting his hand on her belly. Peter also feels the baby. Kick the baby kicking Overwhelmed with happiness the couple booth against cry and then embrace it moves. They could feel like you know. Eight legs kicking epi weekday. Would that would happen what you do right now. Would you go. What would you do it. I mean i think they've already read tests. The baby doesn't have eight legs. But i've never done. That could get it wrong. I mean peers. Full spider does he would have organic webbing so on. I an issue beating out of his but if he's a real spider i mean in. I mean the thing you'd have to worry about with appears as is like super strength you know. Oh gosh yeah. I would not want to be. I'm jay. they are when one wanted kick Yeah i mean. I mean speaking of the podcasts. You do. I mean that's why you don't get pregnant with superman baby Liza is whatever strength. Strength at that moment sewer trainer continues to go over the data. When he is interrupted by doctor octopus she was able to gain access to his lab because she knows the passcode would. That's when the scarlet spider leaps down to attacker however she is prepared for the hero noxious with mechanical arms but also with a personalized force field. That uses to the the heroes attack restraining sewer trainer. She explained she's doing this because she holds scientific achievement above human life recovering from merck tax scarlet spider. Ask seward who. This woman is who this woman is to him. That's when doctor octopus reveals that she is the daughter of seward trainer..

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