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Vaccine appointment a lot easier for anyone over the age of 75. In Massachusetts. And this just in Christopher Klemmer Plumber, The dashing actor who played Captain von Trapp in the film, The Sound of Music and the oldest Academy Award winner in history, has died at the age of 91 that is breaking news. Also, sources tell WBZ TV that a suspect is in custody and a gun has been recovered after a deadly shooting late last night at the Hyatt Hotel in Boston. The victim said to be A woman. After pulling an all nighter. Senate Democrats this morning pushed through President Biden's nearly $2 trillion Covad relief bill, but the measure did not include a minimum wage hike. BBC's Rachel Scott with more. This is going to be a blow to President Biden's plan to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Republicans were against this, saying that it would devastate small businesses in the middle of a pandemic. That marathon voting session went on for 15 hours, just wrapping overnight. And Democrats did push through this resolution that would allow them to move forward with this code relief package on their own without Republican support. Vice President Kamila Harris casting the tie breaking vote on that, for the first time speaker. Pelosi says that Democrats would not give up on trying to raise the minimum wage for American workers. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fall River Is defending taking part in the federal government's Paycheck protection program. The diocese is one of hundreds of entities to do so. Leader the dices is taking the funds was a necessity, saying they applied for the money out of genuine need to support the community and workers now, according to The Associated Press, Catholic diocese in the U. S and other institutes, backed by the Catholic Church took more than $3 billion in taxpayer money as part of the program. It appears to make the Roman Catholic Church it's single largest beneficiary back to the economy. The job market stopped. It's bleeding in January on a slight Reeve at Jason Brooks with more. The Labor Department reports again of 49,000 jobs last month following a loss of 227,000 in December, the unemployment rate saw a sizable decline. Down to 6.3 from 6.7%. But that was a result of fewer people looking for work with more than 400,000 people, leaving the workforce in a better signal, a measure of people working part time but preferring full time work. Dropped from 11.7 to 11.1% and another report out today again shows the economic disparity in the food service industry. In particular, Here's CBS's Jim Crow Sula, Black Food Service workers who make most of their income from tips have earned less during the covert 19 pandemic than their white counterparts. They've been more likely to catch grief from customers for enforcing social distancing and mask rules. That's according to one fair wage. National worker advocacy group rapper and actor Ice Cube, reportedly in talks to meet with President Biden to discuss racial equality Cube says the Biden administration reached out to him this week to set up a potential meeting between the two men. The artist is hoping to discuss his initiative called Contract for Black America. It aims to foster equity for black Americans through spending, social programs, prison reforms and more. No date set yet for Cube and Biden to meet February 7th is more than just Super Bowl Sunday. Sunday is National Black HIV AIDS Awareness Day. Dr Laura Cheever says if the current HIV diagnosis rate persists, about half of gay black men will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime. We can certainly end the epidemic in us in the next 10 years, but we need to get people tested. We need to get them on treatment, because when someone is virally suppressed a half effectively no risk of treatment HIV to the sexual partner, Cheever says. Right now, 85.2% of black men being treated for HIV are virally suppressed. The goal, of course, is to get that figure. 100% Tom Brady looking for Ring number seven this Sunday, WBC's Truman Holland tells us Pats fans will, of course, be watching and one in particular in case he needed to hear it from the man himself. There's no hard feelings between Robert Kraft and Tom Brady, the Patriots owner telling CBS Sunday morning. He wants to see TV 12 get another ring. I'm ruling for Tom Brady. Robert Kraft, clearly still fond of the man. He still calls Tommy. I'm so excited. We've had some great Communications and he is such a special human being and craft goes on to say that Tom Brady is clearly the greatest player of all time. Not just quarterback Germany. Holland WBZ Boston's news radio are now to the big apple, where someone New needs to operate the Fame Central Park carousel this after New York City canceled the contract with former President Donald Trump. BBC's Erica too risky with this story after the January 6th right at the U. S Capital, the city moved to cancel $17 million worth of contracts with the Trump organization, including the Central Park Carousel near 64th Street, which has delighted kids since the 19 fifties, The Parks Department issued a request for proposals, saying the new concessionaire will be required to operate the carousel year round Daly and maintain the licensed premises. Potential operators are also encouraged to arrange a push cart for souvenir sales and up to three food trucks for snacks. The carousel was crafted in 1908 with two chariots and 58 Hand carved horses. Eren Qatar Ski ABC News, New York You're listening to W B Z 10 31 7.9 ht two available everywhere with the My Heart Ready, left now number one for podcasting and on hundreds.

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