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Old it's swamp gas just not. the youth and help build it did not go over well. only use that when he'll still that they okay yeah back back because the first congressional investigation do you oppose part you know the kind in committee and live pretty much led to the shutdown of project blue book jail Hynek effect from blue book called the lowest point in this whole UFO career for sure. yeah that's for the whole term swamp gas came from. all right let's go to the phones and will begin west of the Rockies Christine is in San Antonio Christine welcome to coast to coast. hello hi there you're on. hi. it happened when I was a little girl back in nineteen seventy four seventy five. it's not really a whole yard I was in it was during summer break and I was. I was with another older older cousin of mine we were playing and and a large area in the back area is just all would. and we had these four little dogs. yeah all the sudden stop right in front of us and they were staring at the sky and we could hear what sounded like almost like a really faint Laureline challenge. there was a change in air pressure. and it's like hi. il literally as we watch this thing. across the house. and across into the backyard which kind of goes up against the school yard. but the school's out. and we watched as something came out of the ship and I know this sounds weird now I was hoping maybe you could answer it but it looks like it was wearing almost hat in the trench coat. yeah interesting out only what we do here is some sort of uniform but weird clothes sometimes do turn up I haven't heard quite that in no in this particular example but I've heard done certainly other UFO cases. yeah did you have any interaction.

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