Ninevolt discussed on James MacDonald Podcast - S2E08 - Strength In Every Heartache


I'm worried about it i'm worried about it as though i'm responsible for it as though it all depends upon me anxiety here's a third thing impatience impatience i'm totally trusting in god to do it today impatience give it it over to god is long has i'm gonna let him do it but he's got to do it on my timetable not good are good at all here's the fourth one anger anxiety impatience i relate to this sometimes emptiness emptiness i'm i'm depleted by strength is gone why is that well maybe it's because we've been trying to do it ourselves and we've expended ourselves trying to do it ourselves my wife asked me a few weeks ago she said i've never experienced this have heard it talked about a lot my wife said to me can a christian burn out can a christian burn out well i mean christians do burn out but i mean i think the question really is should a christian burn out i didn't really have an answer for them as i've thought about it i think the response i would give is that we can only burn out when we're in the flesh we last time i checked god's reservoir was pretty full and so if there's that emptiness and that i cannot go on and maybe you should have got to that sooner that you cannot go on and we need to kinda unplug our little law you know ninevolt and plug into god's supernatural power.

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