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I would say, gene. Darling. Wolf how is that introduction? Terrific. Peer darling is for d my middle name is Doris. And I've never liked it. So Diaz now for darling. Gene. As you make me, did you have any idea? We would be traveling the world as we have over the last many years, actually, a very interesting question because no I didn't have any idea. But I tell you why almost didn't marry you because you we your first restaurant was opposites racetrack and Denver, Colorado. And you're a gambler, and I thought, oh, this might not be a good idea. But after the honeymoon. Think they're thirty days in Europe. And we didn't leave out any country. Did we that's true? I I was a schoolteacher and loved it. I taught back when we got dressed up to go to teach school. That's not the case anymore, but we got dressed up, and it was quite an experience. I loved it. Third grade and fifth grade. But I'm talking about thirty days in. Yes. Sorry, we want. We got married over Easter vacation that time and shall we had? I took three weeks an extra week for spring break. We will on a month on a honeymoon. And I am from a small town in Connecticut. A very small town thirty thousand people new London. No, London, Connecticut, and I had never seen anything like this in my life just picture books. Fantastic. What stands out, and I know it's a number of years ago, gene that really still sorta comes back from time to time about that specific trip. What country would still be in your memory, Bank and come forward time-to-time? Well francis. It France is absolutely amazing. And I think the militia corden thing that anybody can ever do when they're in Paris is. Take the bottle. It's just a plain little riverboat on the river Seine, and you see the entire city from ground level. It's from below ground level. It is just magnificent. In fact, we took grandchildren. They're I don't know two or three four years ago. And that's only on Paris for two days. And that's the one thing that I insisted that we do we. Evening, gene. I think the city of lights should be seen in the evening. It's quite an experience because all these buildings are lit up, and especially die fell the Eiffel tower at midnight member that still all I want spectacular our grandchildren. We took a love and people on this trip. Our to our children their spouses and five grandchildren, and it was absolutely spectacular. We'd never seen it before we arrived back in docked at midnight, just after midnight and Eiffel tower was light it up for would streams of lights going up and down the tower L incredible very special, and you know, we enjoyed the bistros of very, and then we went to lake honesty.

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