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The Russian L U S A W P A T 24 7 news death. The Corona virus was not the only reason 2020 was a deadly year in Dallas. The city ended the year with 251 murders, including two killings that occurred in the final hour of 2020. Those numbers mean that the city is recorded its highest number of murders and at least 16 years. During the last nine days of 2020. It was more than one every night during that time. Period, there were at least 13 killings. But despite the city's dramatic increase in its murder tally, the Police Department's homicide unit has been very successful in solving the crimes with the clearance rate that now stands at nearly 79% Steve coming WKBW 24 7 news news, a quotes Dallas County officials as saying. The county broke the record for a single day covert 19 cases Saturday that hospitalizations remain at near record highs. 2842 cases were reported Saturday. Along with 23 deaths. 11 Republican Senators plan to oppose certification of electoral votes affirming Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election. Cameron Fairchild reports Texas Senator Ted Cruz is leading the group, which demands a 10 Day audit of votes by an electoral commission, a separate group of House conservatives also plans to challenge the results. Republican Senator Mike Brown of Indiana, says an audit would improve Americans faith in the electoral process and enhanced the legitimacy of the next president of the University of Texas as their new man to lead the Longhorns football team program has hired Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Starkey Zeon to replace Tom Herman, with whom the school parted ways with Saturday after four seasons. W B A P WEATHER Sunny to partly cloudy today with a high of 61 degrees. Right now. It's 38 degrees at the F W from the W B A P News task. I'm Ken Jeffries. Your next update at 502 24 7 coverage at WB ap dot com. Music is a bridge between the material and spiritual. My name is Harvey Lauer and I'm 82 a zoo. Blind person. You have to be aware that nobody can tell.

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