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Don't care what those guys act like if they want to embarrass who so that's trip him to worry about i don't watch and we're paying for it they're doing it on our dime were we paid clinton to give away twenty percent of our nuclear stockpile we pay clinton could do it or people killed in benghazi don't kill me this you're complaining about what were paying those two issues to do i don't know i don't want to hear that chef now i know you don't wanna hear it that's why it's difficult for you to hear every once in a while you gotta tell somebody who used the best in the air screwing up and you don't wanna do that trump is doing his job that we'll let him to do i didn't elect bannon i didn't elected to the speaker i go oh cool it doesn't bother me lipkin guys just keep them so busy hired been talk about all year eddie who hired van and who hired priebus i don't care if you're hasn't did hear what do you mean you don't care it doesn't matter who hired him because i don't pay attention to all blake i can tell you don't pay it attention because if you did pay attention you might have more of an attitude about it i appreciate the goal that's called apathy and if you wanna be a blind supporter fine i don't care and you're going to justify somebody's behavior currently because of somebody else's behavior in the past again i call that a fouryearolds answer we'll so when so did it so can i that doesn't make it right kboi news time is six thirty good afternoon i'm rick worthington this news brought to you by cap at credit union nampa police officers had to respond earlier this week to a report of shots fired multiple people were present and at least two parties exchanged gunfire the idaho press tribune shares some individuals present were wearing signs of the devil's disciples motorcycle club according to officers the individuals involved in the shooting were gone when police arrived noone was injured from the shooting but at least three vehicles in one building were struck by gunfire tyler martin six seventy kboi the man who took the lead talk county sheriff's office on a bit of a man hunt last week in.

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