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Trump be president. What prompts you to say that. What scares you and causes you to look at international house hunters with the prospect office punk trump. I number one. I mean i mean just just since since since he's been on the scene like the hate levels that's the last thing you need. You know i just. I really thought at some point in my life that sort of talking about kind of people who just talked about like mankind. That would be the only kind of people just man. China's we're still talking in shades and tones sexual preferences it's just like you know for it but we don't just sixty seven hundred. Eighty got pledged trump rally. Two days ago laying there with their oxygen. But gimmick hitter knows is what i want. I want i want these people All right only people that have have less economic like let's economic sense that i do because they have some really good really good jobs and bring jobs back. You'd better hurry up four. Just put out yesterday the day moving all the small car plants to mexico so those are going like you know how do you get them. Back for tariffs and. Us automakers just six months. What are you gonna do. I haven't heard. I've never heard one piece of strategy. He's wavered on everything everything he's talked about. He's waiver that Do you think you'll build the wall. If he was nominated. Now tell though. It's just i know i know you know i know strongpoints you on politics. That's why why. I thought i'd ask with eric. Here's my thing is. I just can't wait for the first debate yup has has to be dolts. Are real desolate. I believe it goes head to head with monday night raw. So you've got a football game and the first debate going against raw. I'm steering this wrestling for a minute. But it's relevant. I cannot imagine. Why can't imagine i can imagine that ratings going to be. I would be surprised if we see a one five one four that day. I don't think they've ever faced that level of competition given the ratings straw that trump is compared to most politics. That's going to be. Trump says eighteen of those things. Yeah crazy just okay. Let's let's let's bring a caller in here on new york city home of hillary end donald Seven one eight stage name and where you're calling was going on gentlemen. This is from brooklyn doing doing right. Don't way thanks for calling mike Last time i spoke to you we we or way. We all concurred. And you stand bottom agreement of you know show coming up and being a phone. Ideal opponent for brock lesnice adults to that. Do you think like it would be more suitable for him to come in like all smackdown and being such like they brian. That you know can't go. No but he got the no surprise opponent for the ms and it ends up being joe and then you just ask go on its head from you know from i guess maybe the next table you all the way up until mania hasn't be like the guy that saying you know shame mitch is. The goal is brought also How would you like. How would reform the my. How would you have done. You know the club and wwe because to me like it makes no sense to have the role in move. You know having smackdown sacrifices now and now you got h. s. world chen. And that's all i got to the thanks mike.

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