Swinton, Gabriel, Milton discussed on Overthinking It Podcast - Episode 472: Okja: The Super-Pig Slaughterhouse


And so in that respect this is either them this is one of the many kaleidoscopic shards of oak shut as floating around in my head as regards how this all works so ability marauding as a as a pet owners a dog owner was a dog parent myself think what you get out of a former relationship with animals that they don't betray you completely gato if you make love unconditionally and is an unlikely grandfather who is greedy and an industry the the grandfather okay so before we wrap we got to talk about the total went characters a little bit more yet i i don't know what have you to personal one it's going to recap why we love till the swinton so much because sometimes honestly i'm sure myself other than i i know that i love her she's great for my love for till this went incomes primarily initially from the movie constantly i knew where till the swinton plays the angel gabriel and it's it is a a i want to call it a riff on the movie the prophecy as much as just taking whole cloth plot points out of the movie the prophecy and putting him into the movie constantine which is morteza comments wanna but the angel gabriel kinda hates people because people have been privileged above angels and and and so the movie constantine is meshing different sorts of a missile logical and fictional and religious uh to the extent of these different ways of thinking and talking ideas of what angels are into this this sort of fusion and so there's this notion that angels are either genderless range roger nets which is from milton.

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