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Top stories on 97.1, Wash. FM Fight Against Cove in 19 is far from over, but the CDC has relaxed its guidelines for mask wearing so fully vaccinated people. Can now go without a mask Outside under certain conditions, President Biden has said to address a joint session of Congress and nine o'clock tonight there is going to be additional security measures in place. D C S and National Guard said that it's going to provide approximately 20 service members to assist The Maryland State Board of Education. They approved a resolution unanimously yesterday that requires all school systems to reopen five days a week. In person beginning this fall. However, the board president said their stance is subject to change, depending on how the pandemic progresses. Congrats to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria. It was ranked the best high school in the entire country. By U. S News and World Report. The school has nearly 1800 students and a perfect graduation rate, and a recent survey revealed the most iconic beauty trends of all time. Coming in at number one is red lipstick followed by smoky eyes and false eyelashes forecast for today. Beautiful day but hot. Partly cloudy 88 the high although there will be a breeze right now it is 66 degrees in D. C. Thank you for the headlines Chilling. We are Toby and chilly in the morning here and 97.1 wash up them Want to talk about a time? Maybe you took a long shot on something. Did it pay off?.

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