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With the fox celebrity profile on the cast of the new who done it comedy knives out a critically acclaimed star studded murder mystery actors JT Martell Jamie Lee Curtis and director Ryan Johnson spoke about how it's a classic concept with a twist in how it includes modern day theme single Ryan does that so special is that he so smartly incorporates modern day issues and and topics that need to be expressed there's a red meat there's blew me you know you've got class warfare you've got immigration wealth disparity just kind of setting it right now and say okay ran it Instagram influencers we're gonna have internet trolls are going to feel like they're gonna be arguing about politics today when they get drunk they get is all this stuff this just happening right now the film placed second at the box office its debut in theaters earning twenty seven million dollars and forty one point seven million over the long five day thanksgiving weekend it's also received rave reviews already hitting ninety six percent on rotten tomatoes fork in fox news the dean's list with Janice dean a bone marrow donor makes the dean's list when he met the young girl that he saved this time last year Layla Anderson was battling a rare and potentially deadly auto immune disease for the first time the eleven year old met the bone marrow donor who saved her life Layla had the bone marrow transplant in January of last year and recently at a special event she met her donor canton family I definitely feel a bond with her or we ever met but I I think the second is that yeah she looked at are up on the stage.

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